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Christmas Kindness Countdown- Easy Daysies Spreading Smiles magnet sets

Today so many of us are faced with fear and uncertainty. The COVID-19 pandemic is changing all our lives. For many of us, it brings challenges. For others, it is causing financial hardship or isolation. As Christmas draws near I am reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. Now it is more important than ever to come together and show kindness towards others. Helping others is also good for our own mental health and well-being. We can all make the choice to be kind and one company is spreading smiles this holiday season by having children perform random acts of kindness. It is so important to teach our children that Christmas means giving. The 1941 song The Little Drummer Boy reminds us of that. As a poor young boy, he was summoned by the Magi to the Nativity of Jesus. Without a gift for baby Jesus, the little drummer boy played his drum with approval from Jesus’s mother. Three siblings asked the question, “How can we make a difference?” after learning that 1 in 6 kids suffer from mental health issues, and 1 in 4 have anxiety. The result was the Spreading Smiles magnet sets from Easy Daisy because positive statements and kind acts create positive feelings and better health not just at Christmas, but throughout the year!

There are four sets available and each of these four sets can be displayed on their own, or mixed into your daily routine. Today we are going to take a look at the Spreading Smiles – Christmas Kindness Countdown.

Spreading Smiles – Christmas Kindness Countdown

Spreading Smiles - Christmas Kindness Countdown

The Spreading Smiles “Christmas Kindness Countdown” pack contains 18 high-quality dry-erase magnets, each with a fun and meaningful task that will brighten someone else’s day – and your family’s in the process. On the first day of Christmas, you can have the kids decorate a room in your home with Christmas crafts they have made or decorate someone’s door with a homemade wreath.

On the 2nd day of Christmas, homemade gifts lift spirits.


Popsicle Stick Grinch Craft for kids

Grinch Popsicle Stick

My daughter made these holiday Grinches for our neighbor, her aunt, and Me.

Easy Daysies Spreading Smiles magnet sets Grinch Popsicle Stick

We used craft supplies we purchased from Dollar Tree. Select 6 craft sticks and color or paint them green. Let them Dry. On the reverse of the craft sticks, you have painted glue two halves of a popsicle stick to secure them. Cut out a red hat from felt or construction paper.

We used felt for our Grinch. Glue on Santa’s hat to the craft stick face. Add a cotton ball to the end of the hat with glue and several cotton balls to the rim of the hat. Using a black Sharpie draw on the Grinch’s face. Attach some ribbon to the back to hang it on a tree or door!

On the 3rd day, you mail your gift or drop it off to your gift recipient.

hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate in a Jar

Hot chocolate in a mason jar is the perfect warm-up gift to give this holiday season. We purchased our jars from Dollarama. My daughter simply added packages of Carnation-flavored hot chocolate to the jar and added some marshmallows. She then attached a candy cane stir stick to the side of the jar and we secured it with ribbon. We then added some bows for decorations.

hot chocolate

Homemade Food Gifts

 give simple-yet-thoughtful homemade food gifts.

This holiday season why not give simple-yet-thoughtful homemade food gifts. Bake some cookies together and drop off a dozen cookies to grandma who may be isolated in a retirement or nursing home. My daughter gave the gift of homemade cookies to our neighbor.thoughtful homemade food gifts.

thoughtful homemade food gifts.



Use as many of these great kindness ideas as you want! Perhaps have your kids choose their top 10 favorites and then do a countdown of kind acts until Christmas Day! Overall, I was very impressed with the kit and the magnets even come with a case for easy storage for next year. My adult daughter was inspired by the Christmas Kindness Countdown and she is doing her own countdown of kindness.


From every ten sold, one inspiring positive affirmations set gets donated to support children’s mental health.



Website: www.easydaysies.com

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