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The Best Mattress for Pregnant Women

Good sleep is essential for the physical and mental well-being of human beings. Sleep becomes much more important for someone who is on the cusp of becoming a mother. Most of the pregnant women do suffer from insomnia during such a delicate period of their lives.  The various reasons for it are nausea, leg cramps, and constipation. Pregnant women experience nausea on a large scale during the early months of their pregnancy. Women undergo various hormonal changes in their bodies which makes them suffer from fragmented sleep.  They also undergo mood swings, heartburn, and anxiety which adds to their restlessness. Sleep is essential for expecting mothers and the best mattress for pregnant women can make a world of difference.

Poor sleep in some pregnant women may increase the risk of preterm labor and premature delivery. Also, for some pregnant women, poor sleep may increase the risk of prolonged and painful labor. A good supportive mattress may go a long way in helping pregnant women to get rid of insomnia and sleep better. So what is the best mattress for pregnant women? Let’s look at the following factors in choosing the best mattress for pregnant women.

 5 factors to consider when choosing the Best Mattress for Pregnant Women
  1. Should Provide Support to the Whole Body

As the baby starts to grow in the belly, pregnant women are going to carry more weight around the midsection of their body which puts more pressure on their lower back. A good mattress should be able to provide good support to the spine and keep it aligned while sleeping. This should take the pressure off the lower back and should help in reducing any pain. The mattress should not have any sags, holes, or deep indentations that may result in creating pressure points. The mattress should be flat and even so that it provides support to the whole body and helps in keeping shoulders, hips, and back aligned throughout the pregnancy.


  1.     Should Contour to the shape of body


A pregnant woman needs a good mattress that contours the shape of her body and makes her feel more comfortable while lying down or sleeping. A mattress that contours also helps in relieving pressure points and can help in reducing minor aches and pains. A mattress made of Latex has more breathability and provides better contouring to the shape of the body.  Pregnant women may change their sleeping positions to adapt to the physical changes happening to their bodies, like sleeping on the back is safe during the first trimester and sleeping on sides during the other two trimesters, so the mattress should be able to contour for all the sleeping positions.

  1.     Should be Firm Enough to Provide Comfort


The firmness of a mattress varies from extremely soft to extremely firm. Most of the mattresses available in the market are medium to medium-firm, although extremely soft and extremely firm are also available. For pregnant women, medium-firm mattresses seem to be the best as it offers a balance to full-body support and conforming comfort. As the doctors recommend that pregnant women should sleep on their sides, it is better to have a mattress that helps in providing cushioning to pressure points, including the shoulders and hips. The medium-firm mattress seems to be the ideal choice for pregnant women.


  1.     Should Provide Motion Isolation

Women sleep lightly during pregnancy and a little movement from their partner can wake them up and may disturb their sleep.  A good mattress should be able to absorb the motion and prevent it from transferring from one side of the mattress to the other side. The mattress should be able to do equal weight distribution. Latex and memory foam mattresses are very good at motion isolation and weight distribution. For expert advice on memory foam mattresses, you can check out this article.

Mattress for Pregnant Women
  1.     Should Provide Temperature Regulation

Pregnant women undergo hormonal changes and their metabolic rate also increases during the whole pregnancy. This may result in them sleeping hot. The extra heat from their body makes their body create a humid atmosphere around it resulting in sleeping poorly. A good mattress that has more breathability allows pregnant women to sleep comfortably as it can regulate the air and keep the temperature cool. The latex and hybrid mattresses are generally able to regulate air and help to keep the temperature cool.



Pregnant women face many health risks due to insomnia. These health risks affect both the mother and the unborn child. Although, a pregnant woman needs all kinds of support to bring a new life into this world, having a supportive perfect mattress should help in a long way to reduce sleeplessness during pregnancy.






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