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How Does Your Child Learn Best?

Children absorb information much faster and with less effort than adults. This is generally because they are considered to have minds like sponges. But, just because they can learn easily doesn’t mean that they will. You need to choose the method that works best to help them learn. The better they are at learning the easier they will find school and, ultimately, adult life! How does your child learn?

Early Childcare

Baby books

Regardless of how children learn it’s a good idea to place them with a reputable early childcare provider, such as child care Bendigo. This helps them to develop a routine of learning. More importantly, the educators will be able to help you identify how they learn best.

There are several recognized learning models, you’ll need to decide which suits your child best.

Sense Learning

This approach leans toward learning through the senses. This means stimulating children visually through diagrams and drawings. At the same time, audio simulation can be provided by reading to them and talking to them. It’s also beneficial to encourage them to write texts, this will help improve their literary skills for the future.

Cycle Learning

Sick Children

In contrast, this approach believes that children learn best when they experience something concrete. From this, they will reflect on the experience and formulate their own opinions regarding what has happened. They will then be able to understand the relevance of the experience and see it from a variety of viewpoints.

Establishing Your Child’s Preference


The key to knowing how your child learns best is to watch them in a variety of different situations. You’ll quickly see whether they prefer to learn by reading, adopt a hands-on approach, or quietly muses about everything.

Once your child is old enough to get homework you can also watch how they prefer to do their homework. Some children do best while listening to music, others prefer to be silent and alone. There is no right or wrong method, simply what works for each individual.

By watching your child you’ll be able to work out which method suits them best and then you can adopt the same approach when trying to teach them new things.

If they enjoy the approach they’ll find it much easier to learn and you’ll find it much easier to teach them.

You should also spend a few moments considering the subjects they do well in and the ones they say they like the most. These often overlap but are not always the same! By identifying their preferred subjects you may be able to see the teaching style that most appeals. You will also be able to identify their weaknesses and work with them to improve these areas.

Final Thoughts

It can be tough working out what works best for your child but, with a little professional help from their teachers, you can identify how your child learns best and then use this approach to encourage greater learning.

It will be beneficial for them in the future, even if they find it hard work today.









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