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What Moms Need When Dealing With Unruly Teenagers

Teenagers can be difficult to deal with on a normal day. They start to become moodier, want to have more say over which activities they do, crave more freedom, and start to express their individuality. This is all fine and well until you really start to deal with an unruly teenager who’s doing more than growing into themselves. Substance abuse, mental health concerns, and hanging with the wrong crowd can all make things worse for mothers to deal with. Here’s a look at what mom needs when dealing with unruly teenagers.

Professional Guidance

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You may find yourself searching, “how accurate are at home drug tests” if you’ve been dealing with an unruly teenager. Their odd behavior, late hours, and mood changes may all be alarming. If you start to suspect your teen is using, then starting with an at-home test can help. Just be aware that the results can sometimes be skewed by the foods they eat or medications they may be taking. You need more than at-home tests, though. You’ll need resources, professional guidance, and a plan in place. Having a number of treatment centers that can offer intervention before things get out of hand can give you great peace of mind. They can also offer some guidance on how to handle the situation or the next steps to take.


Unruly Teenagers

Just as you may need professional guidance and treatment centers on standby, you also need additional preparation. You want to be prepared for what’s to come and know what to expect. Knowing how to spot drug use, for example, is important. Is your teen being sneaky? Are the details of their plans too vague? Are their eyes red when coming home? You need to learn how to spot the warning signs so you can be prepared to step in. If a mental illness is beginning, you need to know the signs of that too so you can prepare.


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It may be hard to get any rest when you’re worried about your teenager, but you need it. A mom’s mental health matters too. Sleep deprivation can make it difficult for you to keep a level head and have the capacity to deal with your troubled teen. Make sure you do what you can to get sleep at night so you are well-rested and able to be the best mother you can be to your kid who needs it most right now. You might want to set a sleep routine, such as turning off all devices an hour before bed, taking a warm bath, and wearing an eye mask to shut out the light. A relaxed mind, body, and environment are all key for proper rest.

Common Ground

When dealing with troubled teens, it can be difficult to have any communication at all. They may avoid talking to you and try to hide out in their rooms when they’re at home. You need to find some common ground if you hope to open the line of communication. Offer to take them somewhere you can both enjoy, such as a sporting event or the mall and talk with them on the way or while you’re there. It can help to get out of the house and somewhere public. Also, be sure to listen without judgment, and don’t be too quick to get harsh. You want them to feel as though they can open up.

Being a mom isn’t easy at any stage. Having unruly teenagers to worry about is one of the more difficult periods, though. Do everything you can to keep your own mental health in check while trying to figure out that of your teenager. Getting enough sleep, being prepared, finding common ground, and seeking professional guidance will all help you make it through this trying time with your teen.


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