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Urinary tract infections or UTIs are a problem that occurs in millions of women every year. They are currently the second most common infection spread throughout the country. As a result, companies like Uqora are attempting to fight this problem with a broad array of new products. They have begun clinical trials, to determine how effective a new supplement is in defeating this problem.

The Purpose of the Trial

 Urinary Tract InfectionsThe trial created by Uqora, known as “Uqora Supplements in Women With UTIs,” began in August 2019 and results will be available in January 2021. It is a virtual study that focuses on a daily dietary supplement provided by Uqora for managing UTI or urinary tract infections. Participants are randomly assigned to a control group and an experimental group. The control group will receive a placebo drink-Mix and placebo capsules. Group one will receive the Uqora Drink-Mix and Placebo Capsules.  Group two will receive Uqora Drink-Mix Daily and Uqora Capsules. Each group receives 180 days’ worth of supplies.

This is a blind trial so participants won’t know if they are receiving the placebo or Uqora product. This dosage is enough to last about six months. During the test, each person in the study will take their supplements, track their occurrence of UTI, and then report on them after the test period is over. The working hypothesis is those who take the products by Uqora will show a heavier decrease of UTIs than those taking the placebo.

The test’s controllers also ask that each participant drink cranberry juice or cranberry extract to stay hydrated. This element is one that each person will track on their own – as hydration levels may also influence UTI occurrence. Throughout the study, each subject has to keep a weekly diary log. This process includes signing in to an online account to finish a simple questionnaire.

The Criteria for the Study

The study consists of 360 female subjects aged 18 and older who have had at least 2 UTIs in the past 6 months. They had to also be otherwise healthy, without any persistent diseases. Each subject also needed to have the capability to swallow pills. Exclusion criteria included diseases like diabetes, chronic kidney stones, multiple sclerosis, the use of a catheter, or the use of a wheelchair. Pregnant women are excluded, as are those currently taking Uqora products for UTIs.

Why Uqora is Taking This Step Urinary Tract Infections

Uqora was founded by Jenna Ryan. Jenna suffered multiple UTIs throughout her life – as many as eight a year. After being told that there was little to do to stop them from reoccurring, she founded Uqora as a way of researching and creating high-quality UTI prevention methods.

Uqora has helped over 50,000 women with their products. Each product has slightly different purposes and goals, such as flushing out new bacteria, protecting those who are sexually active, and helping those who are not. Uqora ‘s commitment to this treatment method has helped to raise the bar for the industry and fuel studies like these.

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