Winter Hair Care Tips

4 Winter Hair Care Tips for healthy hair

Winter Hair Care TipsWinter is fast approaching, and might already be underway for some. Along with colder days, winter is also bringing the effects the dry weather has on your skin and hair. Harsh weather conditions, whether it be during summer or winter, call for special care routines.

People usually pay more attention to their skincare and keep their hair care the same throughout the year, but you should be aware of the tips you can follow to keep your hair healthy during the summer and winter months.

With products such as Allurium Beauty hair growth products you can never go wrong as they will make your hair healthy whatever the season may be!

Here are some other winter hair care tips to keep your hair healthy and hydrated as the days get colder and dryer.



One of the most basic things you should do in winter is to moisturize your hair and scalp. Your scalp can become drier and itchier during winter due to the lack of moisture on cold days and time spent indoors. You can combat dry hair and scalp with oil-based hair treatments. You can include leave-in moisturizers or hair oil, such as argan oil or jojoba oil, in your winter hair care routine. Applying a few drops of hair oil at the ends of your hair every day can also replenish your hair. Hair fall due to dandruff and scalp irritation is common during winter and if it’s already a concern for you, you can start using Hair Growth Serum along with other moisturizing products.

Avoid heat styling

Blow drying, curling, or straightening your hair removes the moisture from it and increases the chances of breakage. Your hair is already drier than normal in the colder months so it is best to let your hair air dry to keep it healthy.


Wear a hat

Winter Hair Care Tips

Wearing a hat, beanie, or a hooded jacket to cover your hair will protect it from the cold air. If your beanie or hood is lined with satin or silk, your hair won’t get as frizzy.


Winter Hair Care TipsAvoid frequent hair washes and high water temperature

It is usually not a good idea to wash your hair daily. Overwashing can strip your hair of the natural oils that keep it moisturized. It is especially important to not overwash it in cold and dry winter months. If you wash your hair every day, try washing it every other day. If your hair wash schedule leaves your hair feeling dry, try extending the days between washes.

You will be showering in hot water during winter but when washing your hair, try using lukewarm water. Just like with heat styling, hot water can dry out the moisture from your hair.


Dry hair can lead to dandruff, hair fall, and an itchy and irritable scalp. The damage can be prevented easily with steps that restore your hair’s health and prevent the natural oils from being stripped. These tips can also help you look and feel your best for the upcoming holiday season. Caring for your hair based on the external environment will ensure that you have lustrous healthy hair all year long.


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