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9 Do’s & Don’ts When Choosing a Baby Shower Gift

It might sound crazy, but yes, there are some rules you should follow when you choose a gift for a baby shower. The baby doesn’t care about the gifts, but their parents, especially the mother, will be very happy and thankful if you follow these few rules when choosing a Baby Shower Gift.

Do’s and Don’ts to follow:

1. One of the dos is to follow is the baby registry.


No matter if it’s a new mom or one that had a baby or more before, they all do their research on what they need for their baby and which brands are the best and safest. The moms invest a lot of time into creating the right registry for the baby shower, and it would be a mean move to not follow their list. To be honest, yes, you can buy something that is not on the registry, but only if it is accompanied by an item that is on the registry. This way, you respected the mom’s wishes, and you added little something personal to the gift.

2. Another “do” would be adding something personal to the gift.

Personalized gifts have a sentimental value, and I bet you got one or more of those that your mom has put in the memento box. A personalized gift can be a blanket with the baby’s name or a spoon, literary anything that would be unique for the upcoming baby. Still, bear in mind that this gift should be related to the mom’s registry. We want her to be as happy as possible.

3. A “don’t” would be not including the gift’s receipt.

Wrapping the gift is not that important; just like the bows and the handwritten cards, what’s important is to put the receipt next to the gift. Why is this so important? Well, one item can literary be found in hundreds of stores; by including the receipt, you will make it easy for the mom to return or exchange the gift if necessary. Make sure to buy gifts from stores that have a return or exchange policy. The new mom can get thousands of diapers that she can use for a month or two, so there is no point throwing them away. Also, the mom can simply not like the gift you have chosen, and why not give her the possibility of exchanging it?!

4. Another “do” is giving a gift card.

No matter what others say, gift cards are an excellent idea for a gift. Gift cards can come in handy whenever the mom runs out of some essential items for the baby, or she just needs something new. The gift cards do not necessarily need to be for the items from the registry. You can do your research and figure out where the new mom can use the gift card the best. The options are almost endless.

5. Bringing a lot of big gifts to the hospital is another “don’t”.


It would be a better idea to save that big stuffed animal for when the parents and the baby get home. This is because they already will have a lot of other stuff to bring back from the hospital, plus the baby, of course, so you would just give a headache with that huge stuffed animal. Acceptable gifts while the mom is still in the hospital with the baby are food, coffee, flowers, just something that they need and will use it right there.

6. A definite “do” would be buying wipes and diapers.


If there is something you can never go wrong with, it is buying diapers and wipes. There are not many parents that would say no to this gift. Bear in mind that diapering can last for up to four years. Therefore buy a variety of sizes, not just the small sizes. Some babies use size 1 starting from their first day on the Earth, so maybe you should avoid the newborn size of diapers.

7. Another thing from the “do’s” would be to always contribute if there is a group gift.

Big gifts like baby crib, and a fancy breast pumps can be very expensive. Luckily you can always gather a few friends together that can throw in some money and make it possible to buy that gift. Nowadays, the stores give you the option for a multiple person payment at the checkout. This way, you won’t have to ask people to pay you back. Also, there are services like PayPal, Venmo, and QuickPay, where people can send you their cut of the money needed for the gift.

8. Always “do” make sure that the gift is functional.

baby gifts

Always look for useful and functional items when you are at the store. Functional items would be nursing jackets, breast pumps, baby bottles, and diaper bags. These are the kind of things that the mom and the baby will always need. When it comes to baby bottles, bear in mind that the bottle’s nipple is different depending on how old and big the baby is, do some research and talk with the mom to make sure you are getting the right one.

Training sippy cups would also be a practical gift option as they will help the baby to transition from the bottle into cups but you should pay attention to the quality when making the purchase, in order to prevent leakage. Baby plates with suction are also among the most common gifts, as they are non-slip and help the baby to get introduced to self-feeding.

Maternity clothes are also an essential item. What makes these clothes more comfortable is the quality of the cotton they are made of. Therefore the higher the cotton quality, the more comfortable the clothes will be. It would be wise to check what kind of design the mother wants; I mean, after all, you do want them to wear the clothes.

9. Always “do” make sure that you are getting a size bigger.

Babies can never really have enough clothes! Buying a variety of clothes, not just different designs but also sizes, can save parents from lots of troubles and money. Babies grow every single minute, and the clothes that fit them today might be small tomorrow. Therefore, getting a size or two bigger would be the most logical way to go. Another thing about clothes is to make sure they are of good quality, and they are comfortable. The style of the clothes, of course, depends on the baby’s gender, or maybe you can go with something neutral.


So, what can we conclude? Make sure that you are buying a practical gift that the mom or the baby needs, such as books about parenting. Something unnecessary would be nursery decorations; who needs them anyway. When you buy clothes for the baby, go for bigger sizes, babies outgrow their clothes very fast. Finally, always stick to the registry, the things that you find there are the things that the parents need. Good luck!


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