What to Include on Wedding Invites

What to Include on Wedding Invites

After several weeks of interactions with both sets of parents, you and your soon-to-be spouse have the guest checklist complete. Now comes the fun part: sending out wedding invitations. With so much information to provide and many other things to tackle, it can cause an overload of emotions. Sit back, relax, and just breathe. Below is a list of things you should consider putting on and inside your Wedding invites.

Selecting Your Wedding Invitation

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Selecting Your Wedding InvitationWhen it comes to your wedding invitations, you want the words to be true to you and your spouse. Take the time to review several samples before rushing to pick one that later on will bring regret. You also want to keep wedding invitation cost in mind too. Once you have the wedding invitations selected, you can move on to the next step: what to add to the card itself.

Printed Inside the Wedding Invitation

The wedding invitation will include both couples’ full names. It will also contain the date and the time of the wedding and the name and address of the ceremony and the reception hall. Couples generally include the theme of the wedding by having the cards printed with glamorous, beachy or rustic backgrounds. Some people have also included the proposed dress code and name and website of the registry.

Response Card

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The response card is what it says, a response to the wedding invitation. They are an essential part of the wedding invitation package. They are small, single cards that contain a response line or two and boxes to check off whether you are able to come or not. They will also contain information as to the food choices and ask guests to select one, as well as space to indicate whether or not a guest will attend with your guest. The card will include a coordinating envelope with required postage for quick returns at no cost to your guests.

Reception Card

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Some people have the wedding reception and the ceremony in the same location. However, if your wedding takes place in a church and then guests travel to the reception hall, you’ll need to include a separate card that identifies the address and time of the reception. You should also give a heads-up as to the suggested attire, whether formal, semi-formal, or casual.


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If most of your guests live within the location of the church and reception hall, directions are not necessary. However, in most cases, guests on the wedding list often come from out of state. Including a set of directions for the church and the venue will make it easy for your family and friends to arrive stress-free. Make sure the directions are clear and the words are large enough to see easily.

Accommodation Cards

Accommodation cards are a nice extra to send to only those on your invited list coming from out of state or out of the country. You will either reserve a block of rooms at a discounted rate for guests or you and your partner will pick up the tab. Hotels will only hold the rooms for a set amount of time so make sure to include a sticky note with instructions to return the card quickly.


Some weddings run for an entire weekend. There’s the rehearsal dinner, wedding day breakfast, church ceremony, and reception. Including an itinerary schedule especially for guests that travel from far away is important. Make up a simple card that provides the date, time, and location of each event.

Final Touches

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Putting a ribbon, commonly called a belly band, around the internal contents contained inside the card makes for a beautiful and organized presentation. When your guests open them they are neat and easy to sort through.

You want as many guests to come as possible to share in your special day. Putting together a complete package that includes the location, date, and time of the ceremony and the wedding party will make it easy for guests to rejoice with you.

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