Educational Stacking Cups

AgreatLife rainbow stacking cups

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a baby why not start with a classic? AgreatLife rainbow stacking cups are the ideal gift for babies aged six months and up. The set of eight cups featuring a sea creature theme comes in bright colors to attract the baby’s attention. Each stacking cup feature holes at the bottom to encourage water play. The cups even feature nesting abilities to add to their versatility.

Stacking Cups for Baby’s Development

My First Educational Stacking CupsThe cute stacking cups are lightweight, perfectly sized for small hands, and easy for your little one to grasp. There are so many benefits when it comes to stacking toys for babies. Some of the greatest benefits of these stacking cups is that they help reinforce hand-eye coordination, as well as cause and effect, and fine motor skills.

Each cup is made of durable, non-toxic, and BPA-free plastic material so you don’t have to worry about them putting the cups in their mouth. In fact, the rim of each cup is ideal for teething babies.

Unlike other stacking cups, we have owned over the years AgreatLife rainbow stacking cup feature various cutouts in the bottoms of the cups providing differing ways for the water to flow out. Each cup also features a shape on the bottom of the cup.

Stacking Cups for Baby's Development

Alternative to Bathtub Squirt Toys

Unlike with squirt bathtub toys the tiny spill holes in each uniquely designed cup will ensure that water doesn’t get trapped so there’s no way for mold to form. They’re super easy to clean and dry well.

Not just for Baby

AgreatLife rainbow stacking cups

Nesting cups are essential to any nursery and provide enjoyment long after the baby years are over. AgreatLife rainbow stacking cups are super versatile in that they grow with your child. We have a similar set from when our daughter was born that she still plays with and she’s six. She finds them to be ideal for Play-Doh activities.

The stacking-nesting cups are an educational tool for toddlers and preschoolers as they help introduce learning about colors, animals, fruits, math, shapes, and size,  as well as encourage hours of sensory play.


Colorful Stickers

 Baby Bath Toys

The brightly colored Stacking Cups come with two sheets of fun and colorful stickers. The stickers are ideal for helping children develop number recognition skills, and learn how to count and recognize different fruits. We don’t recommend placing the stickers on the cups.



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  1. ooo I would love these for my baby girl. we used to have something similar but gave them away after we thought we were done after our second daughter. definitely need to get these again

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