How Owning a Pet Dog Can Improve Your Life

As a modern woman, you are probably struggling to find a balance between your work and family life. Even though you might not believe it, to manage it all, owning a pet dog can be just what you need, as it can bring a myriad of unexpected benefits into your life.

Pets are stress relievers

pet dogAccording to specialists, women are at a higher risk of developing depression than men. Some argue that the reason for these results has a lot to do with the socio-cultural norms that women have to deal with. Apart from being seen as the primary caretakers in a home, women also have to work full-time jobs and, if possible, to find time for themselves.

Because pets are such loving and playful companions, having a pet can help you relax when you get home. Studies show that pet owners have lower blood pressure. Even more so, there are indications that people with borderline hypertension that have adopted a dog had their blood pressure decline in the following five months.

Playing around with your cat or dog can also elevate your serotonin and dopamine levels. This is why you feel so calm and relax after you do so. Therefore, you should adopt a cat or dog from If you want to show your appreciation to your fluffy companion, you should consider investing in one of those cool dog pools that are so popular during the summer.

They encourage you to exercise

They encourage you to exerciseDue to the numerous responsibilities that they have, women often don’t find the time to exercise. So, it should come as no surprise that one in three women die of strokes and other cardiovascular-related issues.

If you worry about your health, adopting a pet might be the way to go. For instance, if you own a dog, you will tend to get more exercise as you will most likely go out to walk it. You can also take it to the park to have playdates, you can go jogging with it or you can simply play catch in with your beloved fluffy companion in your backyard.

Besides, numerous research studies including  this one by, have indicated that, on average, pet owners have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels

Way to meet new people

Pets are great at helping you make new friends. Pets are great at helping you make new friends. For instance, if you take your pet on a walk on a normal afternoon, you will, more than likely, interact with at least a couple of people who stop to say hi to your fluffy friend.

Plus, no matter what type of pet you own, you will surely find other pet owners at training classes, in pet shops or at the vet. Socializing is a great way to improve your emotional and mental health. Even more so, interacting with others can boost your self-esteem and it can help you find and promote an individual sense of purpose.

Other well-researched benefits of owning a pet dog include reducing anxiety, companionship and stress relief. Finally, even more importantly, owning a pet can add a certain structure or routine to your life.

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