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The juice box has been a long time lunchbox staple. When choosing a juice box for your child, it’s helpful to remember that children shouldn’t consume more than 6 ounces (¾ cup max) of juice a day which is the equivalent of one juice box a day.  With this in mind it best to opt for one with no added sugars. Oasis HydraFruit Organic beverages contain no added sugar or sweetener as well as no artificial flavour or colour.

Discover Oasis HydraFruit, now organic

Organic JUice BoxIf you look at the sugar content in Oasis Hydrafrui it contains 9 grams of natural sugar per serving compared to Allens fruit punch which contains a whopping 19 grams of sugar per single serving box. Made from filter spring water Oasis Hydrafruit are organic and contain only 40 calories in one box of Strawberry Kiwi.

One serving of Hydrafruit will fill your little one up with 80 % of their vitamin C needs.

Plus, there are so many flavors, your child is bound to love at least one. Choose from Fruit Fusion, Watermelon Apple, Lemon Iced Tea, Strawberry Kiwi, and Clementine.

Oasis hydrafruit

Miss P loves the taste and even my adult daughter has begun purchasing Oasis Hydrafruit as a healthier option.

According to a Nielsen study,] 59% of Canadian consumers are looking to buy healthier food with less sugar. Oasis HydraFruit Organic products meet the needs of health-conscious consumers who want to include tasty beverages with less sugar in their diet, whether for snacks or with lunches.

Whether you’re looking for a healthy option to tuck into your kid’s lunchbox or a pre-portioned drink for yourself we highly recommend Oasis HydraFruit Organic beverages. The juicess are also sold in 960 mL containers.

You can find them in the juice section of the grocery store. They carry the Canada Organic logo and are available at the following suggested retail prices: $1.69 to $2.29 for a 960 mL carton, and $3.49 to $3.99 for a package of eight 200 mL juice boxes.

Oasis hydrafruit


Website: https://oasis.ca

Oasis HydraFruit Organic beverage & a $25 Grocery store giveaway


We have partnered with Oasis who want to give you a chance to try a selection of their Oasis HydraFruit Organic beverages. Not only will you win a selection of Oasis Hydrafruit juices, but you will also win a $25 gift card to Metro or Independent Grocers to purchase more juice.

Oasis Canada Giveaway

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46 thoughts on “Oasis HydraFruit Organic beverages Giveaway

  1. I have only tried Oasis Deliciously Orange juice for my family. I haven’t heard about the Hydrafruit line until now, thanks!

  2. we usually get the apple juice. I have never bought the oasis hydrafruit but the kids tried it at a friends house and liked it

  3. My favourite product from Oasis Canada would be the Tropical Mango Smoothie. No, I haven’t purchased any of the Oasis HydraFruit Organic beverages. I didn’t know they made this product!

  4. My favourite Oasis is the greenenergy smoothie and I have tried the Hydrafruit drinks. It tastes great and refreshing. Perfect for the whole family

  5. I really enjoy their Strawberry-Banana Smoothies. I have not purchased their Oasis HydraFruit Organic beverages yet but Watermelon Apple sounds great! Many thanks.

  6. I purchase the Oasis juice boxes for my little ones all the time but haven’t seen or heard of the HydraFruit Organic line before today! They love orange and it’s always the first to go. I love that there’s less than half the sugar as in Allens fruit punch and a healthier option with delicious flavours! I think they’d love the Clementine for sure! Thank you for the giveaway 😀

  7. We’ve been enjoying Oasis Orange Juice for many years. We have not tried the Oasis HydraFruit Organic beverages yet, but looking forward to it.

  8. I have never purchased Oasis HydraFruit Organic beverages before. They sound good. We purchase the orange juice & love it.

  9. My favorite oasis product is the orange mango juice. I also purchase the Oasis HydraFruit Organic beverages.. Most often the cranberry juice.

  10. I have never bought the Oasis HydraFruit Organic beverages but we do enjoy the Oasis Health Break Antioxia Berry and Pomegranate drink.

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