Zax Throwing Axe fun from Zing Toys

ZAX Throwing Axe fun from Zing Toys

Zax Throwing AxeIn case you hadn’t noticed, axe throwing is now officially a thing. The first axe-throwing bar in North America opened in Toronto in 2011. Sense then axe throwing has been a rapidly growing sport and gaining popularity across Canada.  Just ask my brother of The Soaring Pig who gave it a try just this past summer when he visited Ontario.  Now just in time for the upcoming holiday season Zing toys has brought the popular sport of axe throwing into the home with ZAX Throwing Axe.


Perfect for the office Christmas party or a relaxing night in the home pub, ZAX Throwing Axe lets you practice the sport without using an actual axe.  This might be a good thing if you have had one too many whiskey cocktails.

Standing 12 inches tall the toy axe is the size and shape of a regular axe. Important to note, ZAX is made of Softtek foam with quicktek release so it does not scuff the walls at all. The edge of the ZAX head comes with three suction cups, allowing it to stick to flat surfaces upon contact. Find a flat surface, toss ZAX, and it will generally stick to it. Now your friends, co-workers, or family can relieve some stress and have some fun at the same time!

Zax Throwing Axe

You can use ZAX indoors or outdoors, but it does require a flat surface to stick to. Given its lightweight foam structure, throwing the foam axe does require some getting used to.  Age recommendations is five and up. As previously mentioned there is definitely a learning curve to becoming an expert ZAX thrower.  Therefore, we feel that the ZAX Throwing Axe better suits a child eight years and over.

Bring the excitement of axe-throwing home

Overall, Zing Toys ZAX is a great toy for at home or the office when you need a little stress relief. If you have an older child that finds the concept of axe throwing interesting, or a brother that needs to blow off a little steam then ZAX is the perfect gift for them.  It gets you off the couch and away from digital distractions.

Check out the action in the below video.

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Zing ZAX Throwing Axe

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36 thoughts on “ZAX Throwing Axe fun from Zing Toys

  1. I’ve never tried real life axe throwing, but I might enjoy this toy more than the kids haha. We signed up for an axe-throwing lesson this summer at the lake, but it got cancelled due to high winds and cruddy weather. Maybe next year! I love having safe ways for the kids to do the same stuff we’re doing. This toy is perfect for them to try it out and have some fun!

  2. I have been wanting to try Axe throwing as there are a couple place around, but I’ve also seen the videos were the axes come back towards you, so I’ve been afraid. this would be so cool.

  3. Definitely a unique and fun safe twist to axe throwing for kids.Love that it shows you many different styles to throw and stick.Will keep you entertained to get that perfect throw.

  4. My kids would love this. Definitely much better than letting them have their hand at throwing a real axe 🙂 This would be fun to also discuss axe throwing contests and the history of different competitions.

  5. This is new and different to me. It made me laugh when the teen threw it to the glass window and scared the young girl lol. This would be cool tho

  6. This would be so much fun! Kids love throwing things and this is a safer way to do that while building accuracy skills.

  7. I think this is an awesome toy and not just for boys either, I know my granddaughter would love this, looks fun and will help with any frustrations they have, tell them to go throw an ax

  8. OMG it is so much fun as an Adult. My son would just LOVE this because he is not allowed to do the BIG one!

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