Ways to Battle Stinky Feet Without Seeing the Doctor

Ways to Battle Stinky Feet Without Seeing the Doctor

Have you ever been asked to leave your shoes by the door? At that moment you started praying for a meteor to hit the Earth. Having stinky feet and shoes can put you in a lot of uncomfortable situations, but don’t worry. You don’t have to wait until you are all alone in a gym locker room to take off your running shoes! There are some really simple home remedies you can use to battle stinky feet and feel perfectly comfortable whenever you have to take off your boots, sandals, or stilettos.

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Black tea to the rescue

Tea isn’t just perfect for those chilly autumn days when you just want to spend some time on the sofa with a good book. In fact, aside from being completely delicious, black tea is full of tannic acids that kill bacteria that cause odors. In addition, it helps close pores so your feet won’t sweat as much. If you want to get rid of smelly feet, simply boil two tea bags in 24oz of water for about 15 minutes. Poor the tea into a large bowl and add 12oz of room temperature water. When the mixture is cool enough, soak your feet for up to half an hour.  You can repeat this procedure every day until the odor is gone.

Starchy solution


Because cornstarch absorbs sweat, your feet will feel fresh and dry for much longer. Twice a day sprinkle the starch on your feet and then put your socks on. Baking soda will also do just fine since it helps kill bacteria and fungi. In fact, it is the main ingredient of most homemade sneaker balls that keep your shoes smelling fresh as a daisy!

Use lavender oil

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You probably know that lavender has a great smell. However, did you know that lavender oil kills bacteria too? Every night before you go to bed rub your feet with this oil and sleep with your socks on. Soon you will be able to take off your shoes without blushing from embarrassment.

Eat foods that are high in zinc

If you are constantly dealing with smelly feet, you should consider adding zinc-rich foods to your diet. Seafood, beef, spinach, beans, oatmeal, mushrooms, almonds, and even dark chocolate are full of zinc that can eliminate foot odor.

Make a vinegar bath for your feet

Vinegar is not just for salad! In fact, it can help you get rid of bacteria that cause your feet to smell. Simply mix 1oz apple cider vinegar and 8oz of warm water in a bowl and then soak your feet in it. However, keep in mind that the acidic level of apple cider vinegar is high so don’t keep your feet in the mixture for more than 10 minutes.

Scrub it off

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From ingredients you can most likely find in your home you can make an amazing foot scrub that will help you get rid of the nasty odor and leave your feet feeling like new. All you need is a tablespoon of oatmeal, a tablespoon of cornmeal, a tablespoon of sugar, and 2 teaspoons of dried peppermint to get started. Mix them in a bowl and add a tablespoon of natural yogurt and several drops of peppermint essential oil. Don’t forget to squeeze one lemon into the bowl! When your mixture has turned into a grainy paste, it is time to massage it into your feet. The whole process will probably get messy, so make sure you scrub your feet in the tub.

Most of the time, foul-smelling feet don’t require seeing the doctor. With some natural ingredients, you can find in your home, you can battle stinky feet.



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  1. Great tips thank you I know someone who wore running shoes without socks and this made their feet stink and their shoes very smelly

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