Worst Exercises that cause low back pain

Why Your Mattress MattersIt has always been said that doing core specific exercises can help you build a stronger back and avoid back injuries. Also, it has been believed that you need to do exercises that toughen your butt muscles, since these helps and protect the back spine. But are you still experiencing back pain? For a fact, a lot of the most well talked about exercises for your back can actually worsen back pain. Check out the latest offers online on reducing back pain. These are great deals – everyone in North America is buying them for themselves.

Stop performing the exercises that is hurtful on your back. Find the best exercises that suit you. They should be able to control back pain and strengthen your back to avoid any future pain and stiffness. Visit this link to know more about treating back pain.

Below are some of the worst exercises that may possibly hurting to your back:

1)      Toe Touches

Doing exercises is indeed good for a low back pain. Though, there are exercises that may hurt you. During exercising, the mild discomfort you feel should diminish as your muscles gain enough strength. On the other hand, if there are still pains that lasts 15 minutes or more, patients should cut down on exercising and consult a doctor. Also, there are exercises that worsens the pain. For example, standing toe touches adds more stress on the disks and ligaments in the back spine. It is also an exercise that may overstretch your back muscles and hamstrings.


2)      Sit-ups

back pain

Doing sit-ups may also harm the discs on your back spine. It is an exercise which may help the abdominal muscles, but when hip muscles are affected, it is the time to say that sit-ups are harmful.


3)      Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are taught in order to build the abdominal muscles. Doing exercises to build strength on your lower back can answer to cut down on pain, but lifting both legs together while you lie on your back can be harmful. For weak patients, doing this can aggravate any back pain. What you need to do during such case, lie down and have one leg in a straight position and the other leg in a bending position.


4)      Back squats

Doing the squat is one of the most advisable exercise for a back pain. When done in the right way, it works in all the muscles and the core. However, if done poorly, you may experience more back pains. The very likely mistakes that patients do is when they round their lower back and do not keep it straight. Additionally, not sticking your chest out may lead to pressures on the lower back.


5)      Lower back foam roll

The experts say that foam rolling your lower back may cure back pain, but there are still cases of worsening the back pain. The lower back is usually not the cause of back pain, but it is the inheritor of pain. Therefore, doing a lower back foam roll does not answer the problem. Also, the part that may be applied with foam rolling should have enough bony protection. For a fact, the lower back area may be handled by large muscles, but it is not sufficed for body protection on organs like the liver and kidneys.


6)   Jogging   Jogging

There are times that jogging can add strain on the back. This is most especially during jogging on a hard surface, which adds more backache. If you cannot protect your back spine in a neutral position when in aerobics, it is advisable to not to do it. For the myths on experiencing back pain, you may visit this site.


7)      Burpees

Burpees, including jumps, can also be harmful on your back. It adds a higher impact compared to running or jogging. During the time you already have pain and stiffness on your back, be sure to avoid doing burpees.


8)      Straight-Leg Deadlift

If done in the right way, a deadlift is a good way to develop muscles. Yet, if it is done by patients with a weak back, the process can be hurting. During a weak back, it is easy for your back spine to round out during the movement, which may lead to your back doing all the work. Thus, you will have more pain in that area. So, for those who have experienced a back injury and possesses not enough core strength, be sure to not to do a leg deadlift.


9)      Seated Russian Twists

A seated Russian twist may aggravate a lower back pain, because this area of your body is not designed to rotate. The basic function of your back is to bend forward and flex. The case of disc compression and twisting seen during a seated Russian Twists is particularly reason for more lower back injuries. It is advisable to avoid seated Russian twists.


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