CupCake Surprise Dolls

CupCake Surprise Dolls

Cupcake Doll
1990s Cupcake Doll

Despite the lure of electronics, many retro toys are making a comeback with many companies re-releasing some of the classic toys that we enjoyed as a child. If you were born in the 90’s you, may recall cupcake dolls. The dolls were first produced by Tonka in 1990, then later by Kenner from 1991 to 1992. As a little girl in the ’90s, my eldest daughter owned several cupcake girls. The dolls had a revamp in 2005 by Radical. Fast forward to 2018 and Cupcake Surprise, dolls are back thanks to Sunny Days Entertainment for a new generation of children to enjoy.

Part of the surprise collectible trend my youngest loves, Miss P is super excited about the new version of cupcakes that turn into dolls with their hats becoming the icing. I have to admit that it is nice to see toys my now adult children enjoyed as children making a come back.

Cupcake Surprise Bridal Edition

Cupcake Surprise Bridal Edition

Now girls can create their very our own fairy-tale wedding with the Cupcake Surprise Bridal Edition! With six new styles, beautiful lace dresses, pears and veil tiaras, they will be the beautiful girls at the wedding. Like other dolls in the Cupcake line each scented doll is packaged as its cupcake form. Kids won’t know which doll they have until they unfold it.

Mini Cupcake SurpriseCUPCAKE SURPRISE

In addition to the Cupcake Surprise Bridal Edition assortment, the dolls are also available in a mini version. Like the regular sized dolls, the Cupcake Surprise minis transform from cupcake to doll. They are also available in many new styles and 6 different delicious scents and come with their own hairbrush. The scents are strawberry, vanilla, grape, chocolate, lemon, and peanut butter. Unlike the wedding cupcake dolls, the minis wear plastic dresses which are super stretchy making them easy to transform. They are perfect companions to the wedding dolls and the perfect stocking stuffer.

Along with the dolls there are several play sets that you can purchase too.

You can bet that my Miss P will be finding Cupcake Surprise under the tree come Christmas morning.

Cupcake Dolls


Do you remember these classic toys from your childhood? Which retro toy would you like to see reborn?

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6 thoughts on “CupCake Surprise Dolls

  1. Someone please tell me the name of the movie that went with these dolls. It was about a little girl who moves to a new town and goes into the bakery and discovers the cupcakes. They have a tea party and sung little tunes.

  2. I have never heard of these before, they sound very cute, I like that some of the older toys are making a come back!!

  3. I absolutely love these!! I have a few of these adorable cupcake surprise dolls for my daughters for Christmas. reminds me of the ones i used to play with when i was little

  4. Oh my,I can tell be the smile on Miss P face that she loves this little Doll,I bet my little granddaughter Abby would love this also !

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