Yulu Spy Code Games – Break Free & Safe Breaker

This holiday season why not add Yulu Spy Code Games- Break Free & Safe Breaker to your family’s ever-expanding board game collection! After-all, shouldn’t your children learn how to break into a safe and out of hand cuffs? Released in the spring of 2017, the unusual family games have become extremely popular throughout the United States and elsewhere.

Spy Code – Break Free

Break Free from YULU Toys is a challenging action skill game full of urgency, suspense, and tons of fun. The objective: players must race to pick the lock on their handcuff as quickly as possible and before everyone else!

Spy Code - Break FreeTo start, you handcuff yourself together and insert the green maze into each handcuff. The oldest player counts down “GET SET and GO! You grab a key as fast as possible and insert it into the keyhole. Find your way through the maze by rotating left or right, or by moving up or down. Each player tries to pick the lock on their handcuff as fast as they can.

Once youʼve unlocked the handcuffs, collect the coin from the table with the highest number and corresponding to the color of the maze your handcuff has. When the last player is done the round is over. Reset and repeat with the Intermediate and Advanced level maze. The player with the most points after playing all three rounds is the winner!
There are 12 different mazes with three difficulty levels. In case you get stuck, the game comes with a cheat sheet so that you can use it to break free.

There are many alternative ways to play the game.The game takes things to social media. There is an ULTIMATE #BREAKFREECHALLENGE going on.Handcuffs

1 Player can ask another player to record them while they Break Free all their limbs with all the three levels. Time yourself & upload on SpyCode.toys to win exciting prizes! (Facebook.com/TheSpyCode, YouTube.com/c/SpyCode #BreakFreeChallenge)

An alternative way is also called double trouble where you lock two people together. Back in October, our son and daughter n law tried their hand at the game. We placed the handcuff on both of their wrists  and the first one to Break Free won. Can you guess who of the two won?
Our thoughts

Our daughter n law was able to unlock her handcuffs within a matter of seconds, while our son was stuck in his handcuffs for more than a min. Overall this is a fun game with plenty of laughs to be had.


Spy Code – Safe Breaker

Safe Breaker is a new electronic table-top game that combines spy skill, memory and a little bit of luck.

Spy Code – Safe BreakerStart by placing the Vault on the table along with all the 18 game cards with their numbers facing upwards. Then, you must insert all the coins into the backside slot of the Vault. Make sure that you have securely closed the back panel of the
Vault. Finally, you can switch on the Vault using the on/off switch on the bottom. Once the red light on the door starts blinking, you are ready to play!!

To start the mission, players pick a card and turn the safe combination to the corresponding number shown. Next, use the fingerprint scanner to test the number. If the light is green, you win and the safe will open and release some coins. If the light is red, connect the spy listening gear to the safe to hear a top- secret clue to deduce the correct combination code.

Spy Code – Safe BreakerThe Vault randomly gives out 1, 2 or 3 coins each time it opens. There are three different types of coins.
  • Normal golden coin: Collect five of these and you win the game!
  • Diamond coin: These are more rare. You will only need two Diamond coins to win the game!
  • Alarm clock coin: If you find an alarm bell, it means that the police have been alerted! Immediately put all your coins back into the top of the vault, excluding the alarm coin.
If the Safe doesn’t open then you’ll hear a sound representing one of three things:
1. “PING PING” (high sound) This means that the correct number is higher than the number you have selected.
2. “BOOM BOOM” (low sound) This means that the correct number is lower than the number you have selected.
3. “Alarm Bell”! (sirens blaring) BAD LUCK!! This means you have to skip your turn because the vault doesnʼt
Spy Code - Safe Breakergive you a hint.

Continue the game clockwise, until someone opens the safe. The first person to collect 5 Coins or 2 Diamonds wins the game. There are three difficulty “modes”to the game. There is three alternative game play options for the game too.

While the game may be geared to children it is a fun game for adults as well. Our son and daughter n law who are both in their 20s had lots of fun playing the game. Even my husband gave the game a try.

Be sure to check out  the collection of Spy Code Games  from Yulu at  http://www.yulutoys.com/

Yulu is expanding their Spy Code brand in 2018. They are looking at a big launch in the Skill Toys, Family Gaming, and Party Games categories so stay tuned for more from Yulu!

About YULU

Established in 2015, YULU is a brand-driven international creator and manufacturer of toys and games that aim to promote an active lifestyle. YULU, is completely committed and focussed on creating active play experiences with brands like Helix, Spy Code, Whacky Shots and many more to follow. YULU advocates the fundamental need for cognitive, physical, social and emotional development by creating indoor and outdoor toys and games. They believe that through active play, children nurture their creativity and develop problem-solving skills. Children become inquisitive about their surroundings and more interactive with people around them.

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