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Game of Trains from Brain Games

Game of TrainsRecommended for children 8 and up Game of Trains is a family card game from Brain Games. The game accommodates two to four players and takes about 20 to 30 mins to play. Within the small box is a deck of cards, numbered 1 – 88. Your goal is to arrange your train cars in ascending numerical order.

To start: Each player is dealt seven random cards which they lay in front of them in descending order. Players will also get an engine card, which states where the front of their train is.

The first player draws one card, and each other player in clockwise order draws one more card than the last person. Then each player replaces one card in their line with one of their just-drawn cards and places the replaced card face-up next to the train car deck.

1st player — 1 card
2nd player — 2 cards
3rd player (if any) — 3 cards
4th player (if any) — 4 cards.

During each turn a player must perform one of the two possible actions. Once the player has performed an action, the
next player performs one of the two actions, and so on.

Game of Trains actions

Game of Trains1) Draw a card — draw the top card of the Draw pile. You have to put this card in your line of railcars by replacing one of the cards that is already there. Put the replaced card next to the draw pile — the ability on this card will now be available to any player.

2) Use a card’s ability — choose any of the face up cards next to the draw pile, discard this card and use the ability depicted on it. There are 8 different abilities.

The 8 different actions are shown as icons above the numbers on the cards. Some impact just the active player’s train and others impact all players.

  • Swap any 2 adjacent cards in your line.
  • Swap 2 cards in your line with exactly 1 card in between.
  • Move 1 of your cards 2 spaces to the right.
  • Move 1 of your cards 2 spaces to the left.
  • All players remove their leftmost card.
  • Players remove their middle card.
  • Playersr emove their rightmost card.
  • Protect — put this card under either lefmost, middle (4th from both sides) or rightmost card in your line to protect it against removing (place this card in such a way that only the lock symbol remains visible). Now this card in your line cannot be removed by the corresponding remove ability (see above). However, if the protected card changes its position by any of your own actions (it’s replaced or moved by using an ability) it loses its protection and the card with the lock symbol that was under it must be put in the discard pile.

Game of TrainsThe players keep taking turns until one has their train line in ascending order and wins.

Game of Trains is a great game for families who like quick and simple card games. It is also a great small card game to take along with you if traveling during the holiday season. It is the perfect stocking stuffer for preteens and teens. If you’re looking for a new card game for your family, we’d recommend Game of Trains.


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  1. My sister-in-law is a sucker for board games. I think she would love to play this with my two train loving boys.

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