Littlest Pet Shop Pet Petultimate ApartmentsWhen I asked my daughter what was  one thing she thought other girls her age might like for Christmas her answer was Littlest Pet Shop toys. My daughter loves Littlest Pet Shop and has a small collection of the toys. With her collection just starting to grow she needed a place to store all the little animals. After browsing the different Littlest Pet Shop playsets, it was determined that my daughter was wanting the Littlest Pet Shop Pet Petultimate Apartments. And with good reason! The world of Littlest Pet Shop is filled with so many types of pets (dogs, cats, seahorses, even narwhals!. Of course they need a home to live in.

Littlest Pet Shop PetUltimate Apartments

In the Littlest Pet Shop Pet Petultimate Apartments box you’ll find the spacious playset with room for 30 pets of varying sizes (each sold separately), 1 Classic- and 1 Teensie-scale pet, 2 accessories, and 1 habitat/base.

Littlest Pet Shop PetUltimate Apartments The Littlest Pet Shop Pet Petultimate Apartments encourages role-play, storytelling and creative hands-on open-ended play. The back of the apartment opens to reveal a whole world inside and closes up for compact storage and display.  When the back is open there are plenty of little spaces for the pets to go into. The Littlest Pet Shop PetUltimate Apartments comes with some food bowls, kitty litter box, newspapers and little pillows which are all revealed on the floor when the back is opened. There are four little doors to the apartment that open, and one of the apartments reveal stairs when the door is open. The front of the playset features a little draw that opens where kids can store pets too.

In the Littlest Pet Shop Pet Petultimate Apartments there sure is plenty for pets to do. There is a little platform that actually spends. Kids can imagine them swimming in the rooftop fishbowl and the fish can actually take a little ride down the slide and into the fish bowl. There are two bird lookout purchases and a swing that actually swings.

The Littlest Pet Shop Pet Petultimate Apartments playset comes complete with 2 pet tenants (a kitty and her goldfish bestie), Littlest Pet Shop PetUltimate Apartments and fits up to 30 pets of various sizes pets (additional pets sold separately). If you are giving this as a gift you many want to purchase a few additional animals.

If the Littlest Pet Shop Pet Petultimate Apartments isn’t enough, kids can design an entire Littlest Pet Shop world, with a wide collection of Littlest Pet Shop play sets, all of which are pretty amazing. Each of those sets are sold separate.

I think it’s so important for children to foster creativity through imaginative play and Littlest Pet Shop playsets let my daughter do just that. Littlest Pet Shop sets make great holiday gifts for kids and the Littlest Pet Shop singles make the perfect stocking stuffer. Visit for details and discover all of of the Littlest Pet Shop Pet toys available this season from Hasbro.


Rose DesRochers
Rose DesRochers is a Blogger, Writer, product reviewer and Founder of Today's Woman. Please feel free to contact me if you are a company with a product for me to review.


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    My daughter loves her LPS and this is a perfect home for them. There are so many little spaces so a lot of pets can fit on this at once, but it does only come with two. The slide going into the fishbowl is a huge attraction for a 5-year-old! This set is much better made then the sets we have purchased the last few years.

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    This is so cute and a great place for my granddaughter to keep all her tiny little pets!

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    This is a must have for every littlest pet shop collector! My granddaughter hasn’t really gotten into them yet, maybe I should introduce her to them!


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