Bedtime can often be a scary and lonely-place for a child.  Dealing with a child who is afraid of the dark can be frustrating for parents. If bedtime fears are affecting your child’s ability to fall asleep, Night Buddies can help.  Night Buddies, are soft, lovable light up plush toys that help calm children.Light up plush toys Night Buddies

With a simple hug, children can activate the illuminating eyes whenever they need reinsurance that their room is a safe place while going to bed. The soft back lit eyes truly bring the character to life. The lights are bright enough to provide comfort in the dark, but not too bright as to keep a child from being able to fall asleep.

Each cute plush toy has a 2.5 minute timer, with an auto-off feature. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the light keeping your Plush light up toys-Night Buddieslittle one awake. If your child needs to, they can just hug their toy again to reactivate the light. I do wish the timer was longer.

Night Buddies light up plush toys also make for the ideal traveling companion for children. If you are a parent who does a lot of night time driving with your child(ren), especially around the holidays. My daughter often takes her turtle along with her when we go in the car, as she is bothered by the dark vehicle. The light is not too bright too distract the driver.

Night BuddiesThere are eight different characters to choose from, such as Haley, the cute convertible, Mark the Shark, Oliver the Orca, Mac, the non-monster truck, Olivia the Dolphin and my daughter’s personal favorite- Ally the Turtle. Each toy is sold separately and ranges in size from eight-inches long to 14.5-inches long.

Overall, Night Buddies light up plush toys are a cuddly new friend. They are perfect for nap time, bed time, car rides, sleep overs, or just relaxing on the couch while you read your child a book. The smaller size Night Buddies would make a wonderful stocking stuffer. Stash a small sized one in your diaper bag for naps on-the-go to keep the routine going away from home.


Night Buddies Giveaway

Win  your choice of mommy and baby Night Buddies. This giveaway is open to both Canadian and US residents 18 years and older. You can enter below. Good luck everyone.

Night Buddies Giveaway

Rose DesRochers
Rose DesRochers is a Blogger, Writer, product reviewer and Founder of Today's Woman. Please feel free to contact me if you are a company with a product for me to review.


  1. Avatar

    i really like mac! my tip is to keep glow in the dark stickers on the ceiling to keep the kids focus off the dark

  2. Avatar

    I like the OLIVIA THE DOLPHIN. I like to keep a nightlight for our kids so they aren’t afraid.

  3. Avatar

    Love Ally the turtle and we keep a nightlight on in the hallway to help the fears

  4. Avatar

    Our son LOVES Monster Trucks so the non-Monster Truck would be perfect and for us, we lay in bed with the kids in their rooms to help them fall asleep.

  5. Avatar

    My kids love animals so any of them would be great. My daughte ris afraid of the dark so we leave a night lite on but this would be way cuter!

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  6. Avatar

    My daughter loves turtles so I know she would love Ally the Turtle.

  7. Avatar

    The Orca is my favorite! A nightlight and using “monster spray” before bedtime plus reading a calming book worked well for us!

  8. Avatar

    I love the Mac truck plush!

  9. Avatar

    My favourite night buddy is ALLY THE TURTLE. My best tip is to leave a small light on.

  10. Avatar

    Ally the Turtle is cute.

  11. Avatar

    I think my granddaughter would like Hayle best.

  12. Avatar

    Love Ally the turtle

  13. Avatar

    My boys favourite Night Buddy is the Mac, The Non-Monster Truck!

  14. Avatar

    I think Ally the Turtle, is my favorite too! A tip for kids that are scared of the dark, is to keep the door open a crack and the hall light on.

  15. Avatar

    One of our grandkids was a horrible sleeper – afraid of being in his room alone, the dark – and something like this would have been great.

  16. Avatar

    I think Oliver the Orca is cute! My son is a bit scared of the dark, so we leave a night light on for him and don’t turn it off until he’s in deep sleep.

  17. Avatar

    Mark the shark is my favorite. This is great for bedtime because I usually just leave a light on in the hallway for my daughters.

  18. Avatar

    These are so great for young children. I love Mac, The Non-Monster Truck, my grandson would be thrilled with him to sleep with.

  19. Avatar

    WC Racecar what a good idea my Son will not go tk sleep without a Light On

  20. Avatar

    The whale is adorable. I find that you need to validate fears so that there is less stress on the child. Do not traumatise them , if they need a light then provide them with one. Talk them through their fears and have them walk around with you in the dark while you explain what the shadows are , and help dispel where the fears may be coming from .

  21. Avatar

    These are all adorable. My favorite is ALLY THE TURTLE. My tip is to put nightlight in their room.

  22. Avatar

    I like Oliver the Orca the best. Thankfully my kids weren’t afraid of the dark.

  23. Avatar

    They are so adorable. I love Olivia the Dolphin. I have a nightlight in each of my children’s rooms and it seems to help.

  24. Avatar

    Olivia the Dolphin is adorable !! Recently my daughter won’t enter any room because she’s “afraid of the dark” even when it’s not very dark. This makes total sense for her to feel safe and secure.

  25. Avatar

    the Orca is cute, and when the kids were afraid of the dark we always left the hallway light on for them

  26. Avatar

    I like the race car best.

  27. Avatar

    oh my gosh these are so cute!! I unfortunately do not have any helpful tips. my oldest is autistic and we have to stay in our room until she falls asleep but she has a night light so that helps her feel comfortable enough to fall asleep

  28. Avatar

    Our dog helps with the night time ritual. He curls up while we read with the kids, then he stays in the room until they fall asleep.

  29. Avatar

    So cute.. Love how the glow!!
    My little cousin would love this I’m sure..
    What a awesome surprise for a child.. Thanks!!!

  30. Avatar

    my ds would love the ocra. lights and white noise help my ds

  31. Avatar

    Sooo cute! Tough call, but Olivia the Dolphin is sweet! We’ve always used night lights.

  32. Avatar

    These are so cute and this would help my granddaughter sleep when she spends the night at grandmas place, I really like ALLY THE TURTLE and I’m sure she would too

  33. Avatar

    aww those are all so cute. I think my favourite is ALLY THE TURTLE

  34. Avatar

    These are so cute. I have night lights set up throughout the house. Closets and dark spots are “barricaded” too.

  35. Avatar

    These are so cute – makes me want one for our children

  36. Avatar

    Such a neat idea for young children. I especially love Oliver the Orca. How cute!

  37. Avatar

    These toys are cute and cuddly. I don’t know many children that are not afraid of the dark so this is a great solution. It is nice that all they have to do is hug the toy to have it light up again.

  38. Avatar

    This is a nice comforting toy. My daughter is a little wary of the dark, yet a nightlight tends to keep her up so this is a great alternative. Plus they are super cute!

  39. Avatar

    THese are absolutely adorable, my grandson would really love one.

  40. Avatar

    These are just adorable. Now and then I have my granddaughter over night, she’s 18 months. We do have a bit of a time getting her to sleeping, something like this might be all she needs.


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