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Tresor Rare Review – Black Diamonds Express Lifting Collection

black diamonds express lifting collectionWould you like to know more about the “Black Diamonds Express Lifting Collection?” We recommend reading the following Tresor Rare review to learn more about the next-generation lifting treatment.

Black Diamonds Express Lifting Collection

The collection is inspired by the cutting-edge face lifting techniques for an entire prestigious lifted appearance. The collection features a unique, rare blend of luxurious ingredients sourced from around the world.

“Black Diamonds Express Lifting Collection” assists, protects and  removes pollution from your skin, so it can adapt well to its dynamic environment throughout the day. Your complexion will appear radiant, smooth and ready to face another day.

Express 60 Seconds Lift

Express 60 Seconds LiftThe Express 60 seconds lift gives you precision of a needle, without the pain. This absolute premium, next-generation lifting treatment inspiration comes from cutting-edge face lifting techniques for an immediate tightening and lifting effect. It targets all the key signs of aging, with a unique, rare blend of actives to allow for both immediate and long term effects.

Express Tightening Lifting Mask

Express Tightening Lifting MaskThis unprecedented, absolute premium, next-generation lifting treatment is inspired by cutting-edge face lifting techniques for an unprecedented immediate tightening and lifting effect.

The excellent collection targets all the aging key signs. With its unique, special blend of actives it enables both long term and immediate effects.

Express Lifting Concentrated Cream

Express Lifting Concentrated CreamDesigned with a fresh “lifting” compound, the top-notch cream has ingredients that optimizes the skin’s elasticity, as it acts to re-plump, restructure, smooth and radiate the skin.

Express Lifting Concentrated SerumExpress Lifting Concentrated Serum

Developed with a fresh “lifting” serum, the time released cream optimizes the elasticity of the skin as well as acts to restructure, re-plump, smooth and radiate the skin. Best when combined with the Express Lifting Cream. This product fights all the signs of aging at the facial area such as fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and dryness.

The collection includes express tightening lifting skincare treatment. The absolute premium, innovative lifting treatment inspiration comes from face lifting techniques, resulting in immediate lifting and tightening effect.

Express Lifting exfoliating cleansing cream

The collection’s mild exfoliating cleansing cream helps in eliminating surface oils and impurities, as well as removing excess sebum, to make the skin feel fresh, clean, and smooth.

The remarkably soft and beautiful skin cream includes a special combination of ingredients to help safeguard, protect, remove pollution and nourish the skin. This suburb formula comfortably treats your skin, thus giving it a luxuriously supple and comfortable feel.

Finishing Powder

The collection includes a unique, impressive, weightless, transparent, finishing powder for removing any kind of complexion. It reduces lines and absorbs excess oils. In the collection is a definitive facial peeling gel that helps in brightening, detoxifying, cleansing, and conditioning your skin. This gel generates a softer and brighter looking complexion. The mild formula features a special combination of ingredients to comfortably and methodically eliminate residues, dead skin cells, and surplus oil leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. This results to a new healthy glow.

The multi-functional treatment features an innovative technology that combines the effects of Rare ingredients and pearl powder to help in de-polluting conditioning and brightening the skin. This creates a fresher, softer, and lighter looking complexion.

Cleansing Cream

The collection also includes an outstanding, non-drying, creamy cleanser, that carefully foams away makeup and impurities. The top-notch mousse formula exceptionally and thoroughly cleanses, soothes, and tones were giving the skin a smooth and soft feel. You can eliminate even the most stubborn skin-clouding pollutants and makeup with the exceptional makeup eliminator. Luxurious and gentle, the premium texture transforms effortlessly from gel to oil, to lotion. With water, it rinses off with ease all impurities making the skin feel smooth, fresh and clean. The non-drying, hydrating, suburb formula comfortably and thoroughly cleans, soothes, depollute and tone your skin.

Derived from organic extracts, the boosting power of express lifting diamond cream is a direct result of its unique nutrient rich ingredients. The exceptional botanical mixture is enhanced further with pure diamond dust that delicately delivers nutrients deep within the skin giving it new radiance and boost. Skin imperfections and discolorations will disappear, leaving an even skin tone that only glows. The express lifting crystalline diamond cream nourishes and stimulates your skin, giving a more youthful look.

The black diamond collection is an intuitive line of anti-aging products, which are infused with diamond dust. In addition to its elegance, the products are exceptional based on their formula and effectiveness. To sum it all, if you are looking for skin care products that really works, then Black diamonds express lifting collection is the only way to go.

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