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Compose Yourself by ThinkFun Review

Think Fun has a large amount of innovative games to both heighten you imagination and stimulate your creative juices. One ThinkFun Compose Yourself Music Card Gamesuch game by Think Fun is an incredible musical composition game called Compose Yourself. Invented by world-famous composer and cellist Philip Sheppard, Compose Yourself combines musical cards and an exclusive website into a multi-sensory experience that will have your child creating, playing and sharing a world-class composition in minutes.

This combination or talent and passion have lead to the creation of this incredible game; opening up the world of music to literally anyone with an imagination and a computer or tablet.

Packed inside of a tiny box is hours of creating fun. Included in this game are 60 sheets of music, and instruction manual and a convenient carrying case.

Getting started…visit Next, simply enter your composer code included in the instruction manual. Then complete the registration, which is simply entering your email address and a password. Now you are ready to start composing original music from the comfort of your home.

Each of the music sheets is numbered and by simply flipping the music sheet upside down there is another number for another choice of composition. Next, lay the music sheets out to create your masterpiece. Each composition can include up to 4 sheets of music. Once you have laid out the music sheets in front of you, then you enter the four digit code from each sheet into the computer. Then hit Play! That is all it takes to create your own musical composition. The music can now be played in 3 different ways. Marimba (by virtuoso percussionist Evelyn Glennie), Full Symphony Orchestra (recorded at Abbey Road Studios), or Marimba and Orchestra together. Th

The Marimba is a higher lighter sounding music, almost like tingling of the notes as they float through your melody. Orchestra is Creating World-Class Compositions a full bodied flowing sound. By playing both together you get an incredibly beautiful harmony of your personalized melody.
Once you have crated your composition you can now email, tweet, post on Facebook, post on you tube, post on Instagram and/or Pinterest. What an incredible way to share your musical creation by using one of the many social networks available.

This game is not only an expression of your child’s musical creativity, but also allows them to express technological options.

Compose Yourself is suggested for ages 6 to adult. I think this suggestion is quite bang on. My daughter is 8 years old and she had a wonderful time creating music without any assistance at all. Admittedly, I gave it a try too and had quite a lot of fun.

It felt really good to hear my own melody playing. And if by any chance it sounds a bit off, simply change the order of the selected cards or change the cards out entirely. You can play around with you composition before you post or send. The possibilities are endless for your musical creativity with the game Compose Yourself.

I look forward to many more musical compositions and melodies with Compose Yourself by Think Fun. Hours and hours of creative fun await that special child this holiday season.

Take a moment to listen to my composition.

Lastly, I must make note of the creator. As mentioned at the beginning of my review, Compose Yourself was created by a distinguished composer by the name of Philip Sheppard. He has recorded music with artists such as David Bowie and Jarvis Cocker. He has also been a musical director and producer on many live events including the 2014 Tour de France. He is an incredible composer and professor of music. This combination or talent and passion have lead to the creation of this incredible game.

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