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Zipper bibToddler Bibs are a necessary part of your toddler’s wardrobe! Just like babies, toddlers can be messy eaters. There’s a huge variety of bibs available today, but the problem I found with many of them is that they have a Velcro closure.

The problem with Velcro closures is that the bib can easily be pulled off by the wearer. The other problem with Velcro is that it easily wears out and lint and what not gets stuck in the Velcro, making it difficult to close.

I had spent hours searching for bibs that snap, when I came across a product called Zip Bibs, created by Mike and Kris Steinberg of Crystal Lake.

Zip Bibs are everything I want in a bib. Each bib features a woven cotton barrier with a 80% cotton, 20% polyester front and a 100 % cotton backing. In addition to a snap over closure, the bibs also have a zipper in the back of the bib, making it impossible for my daughter to get the bib off. And strange enough, because the bibs have two openings my daughter needs to put her arms through, she doesn’t mind wearing them.

Toddler BibsCurrently there only two colors of bibs available, each featuring the Little Keeper Sleepers logo- a bear.

There was a bit of shrinkage in the bibs when placed in the dryer, so I advice hanging to dry.

Overall, I highly recommend Zib Bibs to parents of toddlers. I plan to place an order for two more. Zip Bibs would also make a great baby shower gift too.

What kind of baby or toddler bibs do you prefer?


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3 thoughts on “Toddler Bibs- Zip Bib

  1. These are rather cool and would be handy for when he comes to that stage. I use the plastic ones with a pocket in the front for my boy….although I wish I had a couple with the arms so he wasn’t sticking his shirt in his food so much. Haha

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