Easter gift ideas for your dog

Pet Easter gift ideas for your dog


Zippy Paws Burrow Bunnies N Carrot puzzle dog toyCelebrating Easter with Your Dog

It is not too late to make sure your dog has a hoppin’ good time this Easter with these pet Easter gift ideas . Why not treat your pet to their own special basket of goodies? Instead of an Easter basket use a personalized pet bowl or a new pet bed.

Then fill it with a few Carob Bunnies Treats , a new spring collar or leash and finally a stuffed toy – like the Squeaky Bunny Plush Dog Toy, or a Zippy Paws Burrow Bunnies N Carrot puzzle dog toy and don’t forget a new “Chuck it Glow Ball” for spring. It’s that easy!

The Carob Bunnies Treat are dog safe, adorable bunnies made with our carob & peanut butter recipe. Your dog will be so busy with their own bunnies that they won’t even notice that you have a chocolate bunny.

ZippyPaws Squeakie Buddies are perfect for small dogs. We have found their toys to be very durable and hold up well to light chewers, who are less destructive with their toys.

In fact- a “Squeaky Bunny Plush Dog Toy” is on its way to my fur-granddaughter who lives in Ottawa. After all, every granddaughter deserves to be spoiled by grandma. Yes, my granddaughter has 4 legs and fur. Did I mention she is adorable?


Bunny Princess Dog ShirtSpring Easter Clothes for your Dog

Dogs have become part of our family and for many of us they are like children; as such we want them to look cute for Easter. Doggie Couture Shop offers a wide variety of Easter clothes and accessories to dress up your dog. For your girly-girl pooch they have the trendiest of styles.

Before purchasing a dog dress for your pooch, always make sure you have the right measurements. As a general rule of thumb for selecting dog clothing sizes, the most important measurement is the length. Most dog clothing is designed to be 2-4″ above the

Small dog accessories like dog hair bows and ribbons look great on small dogs and add the final touches. They work well to gather the pet’s hair for a single topknot on top of the dog’s head or you can place smaller bows in your dog’s ears.

Most small dog breeds love being the center of attention and dog formal attire gives them one more method of gaining the attention they love. Have fun looking for the perfect dress. No matter what dress your fur baby will look adorable.

While many dogs will adjust quickly and even learn to enjoy their dress, others just don’t like the feeling. Don’t force your dog to wear a dress if it’s going to make her unhappy. Consider Easter accessories instead, such as an Easter Scarf or party collar.

In the past I have attempted to get my male shihtzu Maxi  to wear clothing, which resulted in a refusal to move. This year instead of forcing him to wear an Easter shirt, I will be opting for a scarf instead.

Doggie Couture Shop is my favorite one stop shop for dog apparel, dog toys and fashion accessories for my dogs. They have a wonderful section of gift ideas for Easter from Easter treats, to dog clothes and Easter toys.

This Easter don’t forget to spoil your dog!

With all these Easter dog items, from Doggie Couture Shop you are sure to find something that your dog will love.

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