The Prayer Mitten book review

Published by SOCii, The Prayer Mitten Series teaches important topics to children and will enlighten readers with messages such as; teaching children to pray, positive body image and bullying, hunger, and homelessness, not to be afraid to try, teamwork, adoption, and more.

Teaching Children to Pray

Written by Daryl Lynn O’Connell, the first book in the series, “The Prayer Mitten” Vol. 1 is an interactive book, which sweetly introduces the simple act of prayer to young children. Through the story and beautiful illustrations, characters Carleigh and her pup Mickey will guide young children to the first prayer conversations.

The book closes with a sweet poem about the mitten and prayer.

The hardcover book also includes your child’s very own prayer mitten, which is tucked inside the back cover. The mitten teaches children how to fold their hands in prayer. I wish the mitten was a bit smaller, as it is adult-sized.

I found the book to be clearly written and the illustrations accompany the story well. My two-year-old daughter is still too youngThe Prayer Mitten to understand the concept of the book, but she enjoys looking at it and asking about the different pictures. “The Prayer Mitten” Vol. 1 is a welcome addition to her book collection, and I anticipate it will be a favorite bedtime book when she gets a little older.

Everybody “Every Body” Vol. 2 of the Prayer Mitten Series is a wonderful children’s book that promotes positive body image and tackles bullying and not being a bystander. The ebook has already been released on Amazon and is co-authored with Daryl Lynn’s daughter, Carleigh O’Connell.

Carleigh was the recipient of a negative experience that went viral on social media last year. In 2014, Carleigh found herself the target of body shaming when negative words were spray-painted about her across a rock at her local beach. But instead of letting the words hurt her, she decided to embrace the moment and let the words empower her.

Carleigh is taking all the support she received via social media and paying it forward, to spread the message that everyone should love the body they’re born in. Carleigh states that she hopes the new book introduces young hearts and minds to be happy with how they are made and accepting of how others are made.

The third and fourth books from the Prayer Mitten Series are coming soon, The Soul Spoon, by Daryl Lynn O’Connell and CathyAnn Sarra, which brings awareness of hunger and homelessness and It Takes Teamwork, by CathyAnn Sarra, a story to encourage children not to be afraid to try and teamwork.

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  1. This sounds like a really great book to help our children with self image. It is such a problem today for girls and boys.

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