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Lost My Name


The little girl who lost her nameOne of the earliest words that many children learn to read and write is their own name. By the time they start kindergarten, most kids are able to write and recognize their name. Today, I present to you a book that can aid your child in both recognizing and spelling their name. While browsing through Facebook one day, I came across an advertisement for the book “Lost My Name.” Naturally, I was intrigued and decided to delve deeper into it.

If you haven’t yet come across this wonderful find, Lost My Name is a beautifully illustrated personalized children’s book that helps kids learn to recognize letters and spell their name. Suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 6, ‘The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name / The Little Boy Who Lost His Name’ was penned by BBC comedy writer David Cadji ­Newby and brought to life by the talented Portuguese visual artist Pedro Serapicos. Each book is printed on eco-friendly, thick paper and meticulously hand-bound.

Lost My Name depicts the journey of a young individual who has misplaced their name, embarking on an extraordinary quest to locate the absent letters. Various characters in the story gradually deliver letters to aid in the child’s search for their lost name. Every book presents a unique magical tale, tailored to the letters in your child’s name. Therefore, if you have multiple children, each of their stories will be distinct.

A personalised book made for • P A I G E •

The book immediately drew Paige’s interest right from the start! With clever conversations and a surprise letter on every page, the quest to discover her name introduced us to a variety of characters, including a princess, an Aardvark, a mischievous Imp, a stylish giant, and a forgetful Elephant, each with their own fascinating tale.

The online platform proved to be incredibly user-friendly and the ordering process is straightforward! Just enter your child’s name, select their gender, and you can preview each page of the book before making a purchase.


Lost My Name

I trust that you and your child will derive immense pleasure from the Lost My Name book, just as my daughter and I have. In its entirety, the book is exceptionally well-crafted, with captivating illustrations and a flawless storyline that effectively aids children in learning to spell and identify their own names.


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