Wedding Tiaras

Wedding Tiaras a style for today’s bride

The search for the perfect wedding tiara is akin to the quest for the ideal dress. Brides of today often opt for wedding tiaras, which serve as exquisite and elegant hair accessories that complement their bridal gowns. One of the key advantages of selecting a tiara as your hair adornment is the wide array of options available. Tiaras come in various designs, featuring colored rhinestones, pearls, crystals, and rubies.


When making your tiara selection, it is crucial to ensure that it harmonizes with the accents of your wedding dress. If your gown is adorned with pearls, seek a tiara embellished with pearls. Similarly, if your wedding dress boasts rhinestones, opt for a tiara adorned with opulent rhinestones. In the case of a gown with intricate details, it is advisable to choose a simple yet elegant tiara to maintain a sense of balance.

Additionally, your wedding hairstyle plays a significant role in the tiara selection process. A tiara beautifully complements a classic updo hairstyle, but many brides also opt to wear a tiara with their hair worn down.

wedding tiara

I recently made an online purchase of a bridal tiara. This tiara is crafted from silver plated alloy and is designed with loops at the ends, allowing for easy securing with bobby pins or the option to add an elastic at the back for a snug fit on the head.

When it comes to wedding planning, it is crucial to stick to a budget, and this applies to tiaras as well. Online shoppers can expect to find tiaras ranging from approximately $6.00 to $30.00, which is much more affordable compared to the prices of $100 or more at local bridal stores. My tiara, adorned beautifully with rhinestones and crystals, was priced at only $17.99. Its authentic appearance would lead you to believe it cost much more.

Many women opt for a tiara instead of a veil, although it is not uncommon to wear both. If you choose to wear both, ensure that the veil can be detached from the tiara. This way, during the wedding ceremony and for pictures, you can remove the veil and wear only the headpiece.

Ensure you look stunning on your special day.

Tiaras also add beauty to the hair of your bridesmaids and flower girls. Additionally, remember that tiaras are not limited to weddings. They can also be worn for proms, beauty pageants, and sweet 16 parties.


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