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Myfunvelope craft subscription service

If you are stumped on what to give someone this holiday season subscription box services make an excellent holiday gift.┬áNowadays, it seems like there’s a subscription box out there for everything. I recently stumbled upon Myfunvelope via Facebook. Myfunvelope is a Canadian craft subscription service for children ages 3-9. Every month, kids have the opportunity to explore art, and STEM (Scie...[Read More]

Super shrink by Peter Pauper Press Inc. has really taken me back to my own childhood. When I was a child we had fun with a similar craft by the name of Shriky Dinks. I was so excited to try the Super Shrink it with my daughter and create a similar childhood memory. This incredibly fun kit includes 8 Shrink It sheets pre-printed with neat designs, 8 pencil crayons and instruction booklet. This craf...[Read More]


Every child is an artist,” said Pablo Picasso. Art kits are a seriously easy, effective way to get kids creating. I have come to know and love many products by Ravensburger, including the most recent addition to our craft corner, the Aquarelle Glow Edition watercolor painting kit. The Aquarelle is an introductory watercolour art kit. Similar to the other Aquarelle kits, these kits contain se...[Read More]

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