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As we count down the days until Christmas are you looking for a unique holiday gift for that special someone that has everything? Well  the mini dehumidifier from our friends at may just be the perfect gift for them. It’s also a healthy gift option under $100.00 for those with allergies, dust, dust mites, molds and mildew. Case studies have shown that viruses and bacteria are dramatical...[Read More]

Roll over image to zoom in COOSA Heart Rate Monitor Wirless Fitness Tracker

I love the idea of tracking my steps and activity, but for many of us a fitness tracker like the Fitbit can be an expensive investment. Lucky for us there are lots of more affordable  fitness trackers out there to choose from. One brand in particular is the Heart Rate Monitor Wireless Fitness Tracker from COOSA. The nice thing about the COOSA wireless fitness tracker is that is pairs with your sma...[Read More]

Real Kids Shades

  I am urging all my readers with children to please be more vigilant with regards to sun safety. Damaging UV rays might be invisible, but their effects are not. Sun damage starts when we are children. It is estimated that a majority of skin cancer in older adults is a result from exposure when we were kids. When it comes to our children we have to be even more careful, due to their delicate skin ...[Read More]

BROADCARE Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with case

Every summer, millions of people with high blood pressure travel. It is just as important to monitor your blood pressure at home, as it is to monitor your blood pressure when away from home. If you’re looking for a very user-friendly wrist blood pressure monitor for travel then look no further than the Brodcare digital blood pressure monitor. It comes with:  Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor USB ...[Read More]

Razor Bumps Beware.

The summer season is almost upon us, and that means shorts and bathing suit weather. For those of us who want to take full advantage of this summer’s latest fashion trends, achieving silky-smooth legs is a top priority. And if you’re anything like me, you are most likely wondering how to prevent razor bumps and burns. What is razor burn? Razor burn is an uncomfortable and unpleasant lo...[Read More]

Toenail fungus, or onychomycosis, is something that affects about 6.5% of Canadians. Thousands of people will suffer from this problem throughout their lifetime. Symptoms and Complications of Toenail Fungus Onychomycosis is characterized by discoloration and thickening of the nails as a result of overproduction of keratin meant to replace the ones eaten by the parasites. Eventually, the nails star...[Read More]


From the fitness buff to the world traveler,  from the tech savy business man to the beauty addict,  MYTAGALONGS has got them covered this Christmas. Their line of lifestyle accessories have them prepared for anything that life might throw at them this holiday season. Gift Ideas For The Beauty Addict Your gift recipient can now skip the trip to the spa thanks to your gift of beauty accessories fro...[Read More]

While white noise machines, also known as sleep machines do help you fall asleep and they muffle out your spouses annoying snoring,  but they do have other benefits.  The machines will also help students focus by providing a consistent audio backdrop, even on loud campuses. And they provide some relief to tinnitus suffers. The white noise machine may even calm your anxious dog. DBPOWER white noise...[Read More]

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