Wrigley Candy storybooks

For those looking for unique and affordable gifts this holiday season, Wrigley’s holiday gums, mints, lifesavers and candies provide many fun and memorable ways for those young and old to enjoy the holiday. Wrigley Candy storybooks are a delicious way to celebrate. No Christmas stocking would be complete without these little gems. I remember as a […]

The Wide Wonderful World of Matcha

Matcha green tea’s popularity comes as no surprise. Those who frequent the Asian foods section in their local grocery or haute coffee houses, are likely to have seen this brightly colored green and exotic tea advertised via packaging or on a menu. The alternative health crowd has enjoyed the extensive health benefits of this tea […]

Second Cup Frappé

Second Cup Coffee Co.™ has introduced a new drink to keep you refreshed during the hot months of summer.  Ice cold and subtly sweet, the Frappé is a coffee-forward beverage that is handcrafted and fully-customizable. Unique to most blended beverages, the Frappé starts with a freshly-pulled shot of espresso – never a coffee based mix. […]

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