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The most important things when starting a new blog

Starting a new blog requires commitment, effort, and strategy. There are certain things that bloggers must include on their blog for success. Unfortunately for many new bloggers, they neglect these things. This is the reason why some new blogs don’t grow. Perhaps, you own a new blog and desire to know the essential things that will make it grow. WritemyessayZ have some tips on starting a new blog....[Read More]

text message

Do you believe in the power of words? Words are a powerful weapon. A smile is contagious and  good morning text messages activate the happiness centers in our brain. A good morning text message shows how special she is, that you think about her when you’re apart, and it will keep you on her mind all day. Check our list of sweet good morning quotes for her. Good Morning Text Messages Being in...[Read More]

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

My daughter turned five this past weekend and we had a Disney Frozen birthday party. In my Frozen party planning search, I’ve found a number of great FREE printable ideas online! I thought I would create a post giving you some frozen birthday party ideas. FROZEN PRINTABLES Build Olaf Character Silhouette Party Printables Movie Ticket Style Invitation Frozen Invitations Printable Princess Crowns Ol...[Read More]

Protecting Valuables While You Travel

Family vacations are a great experience. You can spend some much-needed family time with your loved ones, visit exciting new places, and learn amazing new things with your kids. Sadly the whole trip can be ruined if some of what you pack gets damaged, lost, or stolen while you’re on the road. Think about these strategies for avoiding catastrophes and protecting your valuables while you trave...[Read More]

A single kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity can cost as little as eight cents – but they add up quick. Household energy expenses are a fact of life, unless you have the money to go off the grid. Unlike the cable bill, we at least have the ability to minimize the cost of electricity each month. After the HVAC system, water heater and lighting, the biggest energy consumers in a home are appliances. ...[Read More]

Flex Watches Black Friday Sale

Flex Watches Black Friday sale starts now. While Black Friday is now just one day away! Yes – it’s tomorrow, Flex watches are starting a day early with some of their watches lowered to just $12.  If you or a loved one has been eyeing a new watch, the Flex Watches Black Friday Sale could be your best bet this holiday. Sleek, stylish, watches can be counted as ideal gift for almost any o...[Read More]


Do you have a Shopkins fan in your household? To kick-off on Cyber Monday, Moose Toys, the toy company behind the collectible craze Shopkins™, is hosting a charity auction for Shopkins Gemma Stone, the rarest Shopkins character in the collection. Gemma Stone is the one-of-a-kind, precious character that was revealed at North American International Toy in February. Parents will have a chance to bid...[Read More]

Small Voices

Childhood should be a time of innocence, free from violence and exploitation. The main focus should be learning, growing, sharing dreams with friends and family and exploring the world.Sadly this is not the reality for many of children today. According to the ChildFund 2015 Small Voices, Big Dreams survey, rolling out in time to honor Universal Children’s Day, many young people feel unsafe a...[Read More]

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