How To Make Your Home Rodent-Proof in 4 Simple Steps

Do you have an area of concern in your home? A small pest problem can turn into a full infestation if you don’t act quickly. To get rid of the rodent in your home, try these 4 steps to destroy their numbers.

1. Pest Control Services

small rat

Nothing you do will have long-term affects to pest control without a Rodent Exterminator. Calling in a professional is not the same as waving the white flag! There are a lot of nuances to the way rodents collaborate and move throughout your home. Getting rid of one part of the rodent problem doesn’t mean that you will be aware of the others. These small things are why a professional is a necessary part of any equation to completely rodent-proof a home. You can even ask ahead of time about processes that are safe for family pets in the home. No one in the home will be afraid of random pests at night after a visit from the exterminator.

2. A Natural Predator


A snake is a natural predator to rodents. But most people don’t want a snake roaming freely around their house! That is why a cat is great to have in any home. Their scent alone will be a warning sign that will keep most rodents away from the area. If you suffer from allergies, consider the option of putting birdfeeders in your backyard. A big misconception about birds is that only raptor types hunt rodents. A Blue Jay will be more than happy to fill the rodent hunting role, and they are one of many non-raptor types that are capable.

3. Check for Holes

There are so many holes, cracks and other secret areas in and around your house. This is how bugs and rodents find their way into your homes without any pushback. Have your home checked for these problems, and without a doubt another problem may show up. Windows that need to be resealed, loose outlet plugs and even cracks in the foundation. All of these things add up to create a situation where you dread knowing the next problem. But this is a necessary part of getting rid of pests, and a vital way to improve your entire home.

4. Keep Your Lawn Maintained

Lawn Maintained

A clean lawn will have less pests that roam around looking for your leftovers. Low grass also makes it difficult for rodents to hide from their natural predators. Your job is to make the trek to your home seem like an impossible task. If you follow the first 3 steps here, only the most desperate of pests will consider breaking into your ‘Fort Knox’ home. If your neighbors have the same upkeep with their lawn, then that is an extra win for the entire neighborhood.

A Pest Free Home

When a rodent takes over your home, it becomes an unwelcome tenant as you foot the bill. It’s a hefty order for any homeowner to deal with this issue on their own. Solve the problem quickly with the help of a professional, and these pests will think twice about trespassing.


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