Side Effects of AFFF

Side Effects of AFFF: Did the Military Know About It Beforehand?

Firefighters have a tough life. It’s not just about being brave enough to walk inside a site on fire, douse it with firefighter foam, and ensure that people are safe and there is minor property damage. Rather, it’s about using the foam as a part of one’s occupational tool, probably knowing it can lead to chronic health hazards. And in some cases, the firefighters weren’t aware of it until the damage was done.

In February 2022, reported on recent evidence about the firefighter foam, or AFFF, that has caused harm to several firefighters for decades. A whistleblower shared new documents highlighting the military knew about the cancer-causing chemicals in this hazardous foam but failed to inform people about it.

In this article, we will discuss this negligence and the dangers of AFFF.

AFFF and Its Side Effects: A Closer Look

AFFF lawsuit

AFFF (Aqueous Film-Forming Foam) is a toxic foam that firefighters use to extinguish liquid fires. TorHoerman Law states that even though this foam is effective in extinguishing dangerous fuel-based fires, it can cause several health hazards. Some ailments caused by this foam include pancreatic, prostate, kidney, and testicular cancer. It can also result in negative changes in the immune system, high cholesterol, hormonal imbalances, and thyroid diseases.

The reason for this harm is PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances) also known as ‘forever chemicals’ contained in the foam. As the name suggests, these chemicals persist in human blood and the environment, causing harm to both. The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) had classified this chemical as a potential human carcinogen.

Hence, it is not surprising that several firefighters and other military servicemen have filed lawsuits against AFFF manufacturers for the physical harm they endured. If you or anyone you know has faced a similar experience, it’s essential to file your AFFF lawsuit under the supervision of an expert lawyer to get compensated for your loss.

There is hope to receive a fair settlement payout. In June 2023, 3M proposed a $10 billion settlement payout to resolve multiple pending lawsuits against them. However, getting affected by AFFF exposure is indeed devastating for firefighters. But what adds to the disappointment and anguish is the revelation that the military was perhaps aware of it.

Did the Military Hide Facts? Kevin Ferrara Reveals Evidence

Kevin Ferrara

Kevin Ferrara reported to that he spent two decades extinguishing fires in the Air Force and has been exposed to AFFF. Currently, he has been placing warnings about the probable health hazards, like bladder and rectal cancer, connected with this harmful foam.

Kevin asserted that they were told the foam included water and soap, and they used it on their training grounds. They even sprayed kids at the time of fire prevention visits, not knowing that it could cause severe ailments later. They thought the foam was harmless.

Having worked as the Command Deputy Fire Chief at Air Combat Command Headquarters, Kevin is aware of the truth today. The military has made use of the foam since the 1970s, which indicates substantial harm has been done. He reported that the foam could have affected the first responders as well, who were using it to combat fires in place of the Department of Defense.

Based on a few unclassified emails that Kevin shared, it was revealed that the Air Force was only concerned about this issue in 2013. Additionally, he also shared a PowerPoint presentation that proved the military’s acceptance that PFAS in AFFF can lead to several health risks. The documents revealed it happened only in 2015, and then the firefighters were asked to stop using the foam.

Did the Military Take Any Action?

By 2016, the military had started to take proper steps to address this problem. Currently, the foam is being phased out, but it is necessary to address the side effects that people are already suffering from. From his side, Kevin is taking the initiative to update the firefighters about the probable hazards of the foam.

He takes part in firefighter conferences and has introduced a podcast. The objective is to make the military authorities acknowledge the dangers of AFFF so that other restorative measures can be implemented.

In conclusion, it has been established over time that AFFF exposure causes several health issues in firefighters and whoever has inhaled it. What adds to their woe is the military being aware of it and not trying to alert others. Had that been done, there could have been less harm.

Initiatives are being taken to phase out this toxic foam, which points towards a safer future. But in the meantime, if you have medical evidence that proves AFFF exposure led to cancer or any other severe disease, you can file a lawsuit and seek fair compensation.




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