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PleasureYou may live in a busy city like Toronto or New York or you may live in a tiny village in the South of France. While our lives are very different, we have one thing in common. That is the need for happiness and pleasure.

People have different views of what pleasure is. One person may take pleasure in skydiving, racing or scuba diving. Another may take pleasure in cooking, photography or writing. Pleasure is a very personal experience. When a person is doing something they enjoy, their body reacts in a physical way.

When we are experiencing pleasure our brain produces Dopamine. Doctors refer to this chemical as the “feel good” chemical. Our brain produces it when we are engaging in any activity that we find fun. This can be your hobby or spending personal time with your partner. The ultimate challenge is motivating the brain to produce our “feel good” chemical on demand. There is an easy and natural way to do this, and more.

Nature is on your side with essential oilsessential oils

Generations before ours knew about the various plants that would treat the human body. The knowledge of plants and herbs which we would identify today as antibacterial, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory medication. In those days, people would use the entire plant. It could be boiled or ground, and it worked. But it took a lot more of the plant to get the desired results. This is where modern man has evolved.

We have essential oils. Essential oils usage gives us the power of stronger, concentrated oils with no effort. The method of use is very easy and it can be done in your home or car with a diffuser which releases a mist in the air that is infused with essential oils. The oils smell great and when you smell them, they are entering your body through the thin membranes of the nose.

Some oils can be applied directly to the skin and some of them need to be mixed with a carrier oil (like coconut oil) and then rubbed in. Finally, there are special pieces of jewelry which have a bead in the center of them. You place the oil on the bead and you smell it as you go about your day.

Pleasure Boosters

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang essential oil is made from the flowers of the herb, Cananga odorata genuina. This oil can be rubbed into the skin and it works fast. For illnesses, it is used to kill bacteria and lower blood pressure, but for pleasure, it has a desirable feature. Ylang Ylang relaxes the body. It allows you to totally relax. At the same time that your body is releasing all the tension in your body it is increasing your sexual desires.

Use Ylang Ylang in a diffuser to enhance the mood or give each other a massage that includes this oil.

Exercise and Deep Breathing

If you are in a slump and just not enjoying life, there is a good chance that your hormones are off. When we exercise, we have a physical reaction. Exercise tells your brain to create more serotonin. Serotonin is a natural chemical that the brain needs to keep you from falling into a depression. Exercise and deep breathing  makes us more focused, and less tired.

Clean up your toxic housegreen houseplants

Get rid of as many chemicals as possible in your home. Make a cleaning solution from water and lemon or water and vinegar to wash counters and floors. Air out the house if possible. Any damp areas of your home should be cleaned and/or sprayed with a mixture of 10 drops of tea tree oil for one cup of water. This will kill mold and mildew.

Put green houseplants in your home, They reduce carbon monoxide and produce oxygen. When you are living in a clean home, you will sleep better, have fewer illnesses, and enjoy life more.

Once your home is detoxed, use a mixture of lavender essential oil and rose essential oil. Lavender relieves stress and induces peaceful sleep. Rose has long been used as an aphrodisiac.

Drink more waterWater

It may sound strange that drinking water will help you have a more pleasurable life, but it is true. Dehydration is a serious problem for many people.  It can make you sluggish and tired. Your skin is dry and your hair doesn’t look healthy. You can experience irritability and headaches. Every muscle and organ in your body depends on clean water to function. Drink water to feel better and perform better at whatever you enjoy doing.

Life is what you make it. Before you give up on ever having a pleasurable life, make sure you are treating your body well. If you treat it right, it will treat you right.


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5 thoughts on “Boost your pleasure

  1. I always make sure I have me time, it could be just reading a book, watching tv or our shovelling snow, its essential

  2. Whenever I’m feeling down or stressed, I go for a run. I’ve never come back unhappy after a run. It clears my head and makes me feel amazing.

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