The Little Things: Low-Cost Perks to Show Employees You Care

Showing employees they are valued should be a top priority for any company. While substantial bonuses and raises make a strong statement, it’s often the small, regular perks that make staff feel truly appreciated day to day. Thoughtful gestures that demonstrate you care don’t have to cost much. Low-cost perks boost morale, engagement, and loyalty. Implementing a few special touches can go a long way in making employees feel happy, motivated, and invested in the company. Here are some ideas.

Monthly Catered Lunches

Catered Lunches

Providing lunch for your team once a month is an inexpensive way to bring everyone together. Order sandwiches from a company providing the best catering in London. A good London catering service will be able to provide enough food to keep all your employees satisfied. Look for a food catering service that can deliver fresh to your workplace on your chosen day.

You could even order pizza or consider themes for each month, like taco day, pasta day, etc. Eating together offers a needed break in the workday and gives employees a chance to socialise and bond. For remote workers, send gift certificates so they can order in lunch on catered days as well.

Dress Down Fridays

Dress Down Fridays

Offering a casual dress code once a week is a simple perk employees love. Dress Down Fridays give your team the freedom to wear jeans, t-shirts, and other comfortable clothing at work. You’ll find employees look forward to unwinding in relaxed attire at the end of each week. Consider extending dress down days to twice a week or making every Friday casual wear. It costs nothing but pays off in higher morale and satisfaction.

Office Celebrations

Office Celebrations

Birthdays, work anniversaries, and holidays are great reasons to celebrate at work. Mark special occasions by bringing in a cake or treats to share. Offer a small gift like a gift card or movie tickets to employees on their birthday or work anniversary. Decorating for holidays like Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day also brings cheer to the office. These gestures demonstrate you want milestones and traditions to be happy times. The thoughtful details will be appreciated.

Company Swag

Employees enjoy receiving small branded items like t-shirts, water bottles, notebooks, and other useful goods with your company logo. Hand out swag at staff meetings, as welcome gifts for new hires and on company anniversary dates. Ideas include sweatshirts, hats, mugs, pens, and tech accessories like phone chargers or earbuds. Useful swag with your logo keeps your brand top of mind while showing pride in being part of the team.

Remote Work and Flex Time Options


Offering flexible schedules and remote work options shows tremendous trust in your employees. Allowing flexibility demonstrates you care about helping your team balance work and life. Options like working from home once a week or adjusting start and end times around needs like school drop-off make a big difference. Always-on communication tools mean location doesn’t matter like it once did. Providing flexibility costs nothing while boosting morale, engagement, and loyalty.

Small, regular perks add up to make employees feel truly valued. They demonstrate daily you want your team to enjoy their work and take care of their needs. Low-cost morale boosters like catered lunches, dress down days and swag say “thank you” for their hard work while building camaraderie and team spirit.

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