Bridesmaid Dress

Shopping for a Bridesmaid Dress? Here Are Things You Must Know

As the woman of the day, you will need to make many decisions before and during your wedding. Part of the most important thing is choosing the best bridesmaids’ dresses. Remember, it is not just about finding a beautiful bridesmaid dress. It also involves choosing bridesmaid dresses that every bridesmaid will love and can afford. Therefore, as you choose your gown, you are also responsible for choosing beautiful and practical dresses for your girls. Unfortunately, choosing attire that every bridesmaid will love and afford is difficult. However, you can make the process smooth and stress-free using the following things.

Bridesmaid Dress

Begin with Bridesmaid Dress Research

Bridesmaid Dress

The first thing you need before shopping for dresses is to research. Know the type of dress you are looking for based on the theme of your wedding. What is the best color? Should you go with the same style? Look through wedding magazines to get great examples of bridesmaid dresses. There are various styles you can pick. However, your choice will depend on your design, taste, and budget. The great thing is that you will find something that suits everyone. So, research the sizes, types, price ranges, colors, etc.

Involve Your Bridesmaids

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A good way of making the process simpler is by involving the bridesmaid. Just like they are helping you with other things to get ready for the wedding, it can also be a good idea to include them in your decision. Ultimately, the decision you go with will come from you since this is your day. However, you should pick something everyone will be comfortable with. So, make a unanimous decision by asking your bridesmaids to choose.

Create a Budget

You have already spent a lot of money planning for the wedding to ensure the day will be beautiful and successful. So, it may be a great idea to approach the issue of bridesmaid dresses carefully. Understandably, you own the day and want everything to go as planned and for everyone to look great. However, you need to remember that even as you choose the dresses, the bridesmaids will be the ones to cover the cost. The great news is that you can find affordable bridesmaid dresses if you know where to look. The most important thing is to ensure you don’t overburden your girls with the cost of buying the dresses. Know the best place to shop and discuss the budget with your bridesmaid first. The good thing is that you will find something that works within your budget.

Include Alteration Cost

When setting the budget for the dresses, don’t forget to include the cost of alterations. Your bridesmaids may want to alter the dresses based on what they prefer or if they are not well-fitting. Apart from adjusting the size, you may have a tall girl who may want to add the length of the dress. So, ensure the extra cost of the adjustments is accounted for to prevent issues later.

Get Professional Measurements

Shopping for a Bridesmaid Dress

A great way of ensuring you get the correct sizes is by getting a professional to take the measurement. It may be best to use the person making the dresses. Designers size differently. Therefore, every bridesmaid should provide accurate measurements. This will ensure no problems later when the dresses have already been delivered. So, visit a professional and ensure they take all the measurements.

Shop Early


Shopping early is the best way to ensure you are ready on the wedding day and everything is sorted. Choosing and shopping for bridesmaid dresses is not something you can do over the weekend. You will need to plan and do it weeks before your big day to avoid catastrophic results. Dresses can also delay being delivered or adjusted. So, you will need to ensure there is enough time to do everything and every bridesmaid is comfortable with their dress. Shopping early also prevents shopping in a rush. That means you have enough time to look for great deals and discounts.

Select Two Bridesmaids


Instead of shopping with the entire group, we recommend choosing at most two girls who will help you with the process. One is the maid of honor, and you can add your best friend or the matron. Make sure the chosen people know the style, fashion, and weddings.

Final Thoughts!

The above are vital things you must do before buying bridesmaid dresses. Ensure you consider things like the timeline, budget, and references before shopping to avoid unnecessary disappointments. Remember, including everyone involved in finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses for the wedding is a good idea.


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