How to Keep Your Vaping Supplies Stored Away from Children

Electronic cigarettes, or “vapes,” have risen in popularity over the past few years. Although it’s widely considered to be a safer alternative to traditional methods of smoking, vaping can still be harmful to the developing brains of young children. Vape liquids can also be attractive to very young children who like to put things in their mouths. For these reasons, all vapes and accompanying supplies should be stored away from the reach of children and pets. If you have young people in your family, here are five tips for securing your vaping supplies safely.

Vaping Supplies


1. Go Higher


Aim to keep your vaping supplies literally “out of reach” of the children in your life by keeping them on the highest shelf of your closet or bathroom cabinet. They should also be kept out of plain view, so consider pushing your supplies to the back of the shelf or hiding them behind other items. Avoid common hiding places like underneath your bed or the drawer to your bedside table, which are easy places for young children to access.


2. Keep Them in Original Marked Packaging


People with children in the home should always keep their vaping supplies in their original marked packaging. This eliminates the risk of children accessing your supplies by mistake. Adults in your home can also identify any products left out in the open and return them to an appropriate spot. Older kids, who are better at understanding that vaping is for adults, will have an easier time avoiding these products if they are labeled clearly.


3. Lock Them Up

VaporVaultz Locking Deluxe Vaping Accessory Storage Case

Some models of vapes may have a locking or disabling mechanism that can be activated for safe storage. Vape juice containers may also come with a childproof lock. If your vape products don’t have locks on them, treat them like dangerous weapons and consider storing them inside special childproof containers for an extra layer of security. With the rising popularity of vaping, you can find many different types of childproof storage containers at a wide range of prices to suit every style and budget.


4. Talk to Your Family


In the United States, vape usage among adolescents is on the rise. Everyone should talk to their children about the effects of smoking on the developing brain, especially if there are vapes in the home. Be sure to emphasize that vaping is an activity that requires a high level of responsibility that only comes with adulthood.


5. Have a Contingency Plan

Keep Your Vaping Supplies Stored Away from Children


Have a plan in place in case your children do get into your vaping supplies. Spilled vape juice should be cleaned up right away with soap and water. In case of accidental ingestion, look for signs of respiratory distress or other adverse health effects. It’s helpful to keep the number for your local poison control hotline handy just in case.

Anyone with children knows that kids have a habit of getting into trouble. To enjoy vaping safely and responsibly, it’s necessary to address the risk of accidental exposure. Follow the above tips to enjoy vaping without the risk of exposing your family to harm.


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