The Top 3 Reasons to Have a Gun in the Home

As a woman, you may be wondering if it’s even socially acceptable to have a gun in the home. The answer to that depends on who you talk to. Bear in mind that there are people among your close circle of friends who have different angles on gun ownership, and it isn’t always a political agenda. People just view gun ownership from opposite ends of the spectrum but in any case, that really isn’t the issue here. The top reasons to have a gun in the home shouldn’t be politically based, as you shall see.

1. Because You Can!

Unfortunately, this is one that has become the battle cry of the extreme right wing and so it has become political. They’ve made it so. In fact, the 2nd amendment does grant us protection, but some states see it differently. According to federal law, Americans can even build their own as long as it is for personal use and not for sale. Using an 80% lower can save you time by avoiding the hassle of getting licenses, paperwork, and fees since you’re only buying parts for a DIY build. This is according to those ATF federal regulations referenced above and which you can find here.

2. Protection of Life and Property

If you are a woman living alone, especially in ‘high crime’ areas, you might want to have one in the home for protection of life and property. This is the most usual wording when laws are written on gun ownership in their respective states. However, this is where they further delineate what protection of life and property means. Bear in mind that just because you are afforded federal protection to do a DIY build doesn’t mean that your state will honor that. With that said, it is always crucial to check gun ownership laws in your state, but always with an eye on the ‘legal’ reasons you want to build your own, or even have your own for that matter.

3. Because You Are a Sports Hunter

gun in the home

One of the most common reasons to have a gun in the home, among both men and women, is because you are sports hunters and enjoy the hobby. Unfortunately, as a hobbyist sports hunter, you have also found design issues you see as ‘flaws.’ They may not render the gun inaccurate on the mark but may be something you could easily correct with a self-build. As the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and that feature which others see as a plus you view as a flaw. For this reason, many sports hunters love a DIY self-build so they can iron out all those perceived flaws.

In the end, the real reason you want a gun in the home is because you want to build one yourself. The process fascinates you and even though you will eventually end up with a working model, it’s something you can say you actually accomplished. Will you really use it? Time will tell!

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