Solar Power 101 For Your Home!

Solar power systems offer homeowners real benefits. But before you take the plunge, you may want to clue yourself up on some of the essential knowledge of solar panels.

Although you can consult reputable solar companies for advice, it is also useful to have a bit of inside knowledge yourself. You are in a good place to start!

A Brief Overview of the History and Evolution of Solar Energy

Solar power 101

Solar power is a renewable source of energy – in other words, the sun will never run out (at least not in the immediate future!). The other major advantage is financial since you can generate your own electricity and be free of bills from mains suppliers. Once you have paid for your equipment, you can look forward to enjoying decades of free energy!


Getting technical

For many people, solar energy is all about the panels. They are the most visible aspect of the whole solar energy, but they are far from the complete picture. In reality, you need to consult with a best solar company to ensure you have all the other pieces in place.

Batteries are one of the most important components. They ensure all the energy that your panels produce can be stored for when your lights and appliances need it.

You will also need racking to tidily store your system components and minimize the space it takes up in your home.

Getting solar panels is very easy when you’re living in California. The best solar company in California can guide your configuration every step of the way. This includes after sales service in which you know you have someone to contact should your system break down or you are left without electricity.


The justification for solar panels

Solar Panels on a large seaside home with chimney and many windows.

You have likely heard about the benefits of solar energy. In short, there are environmental and financial aspects to this.

Utilizing the sun’s energy means you do not have to rely on grid suppliers for your energy. This means you are not at the mercy of price hikes or supply issues, and you can rely on your own system to generate the power you need.

There are also creative ways to fund your purchase. Loans, grants and tax credits can help take the sting out of the initial investment, while ensuring you can get your installation carried out and working to benefit you!

From an environmental point of view, you can also sleep at night knowing you are not depleting CO2 heavy fossil fuels. Instead, your energy is drawn from a completely renewable source, and converted into AC power in an energy efficient manner. This is important, because AC power is the type of electrical current that domestic appliances run on.


Getting your solar project on track

Tens of millions of North American homes are already running on solar power. Whatever the weather, you can count on the sun. Even in relatively dark periods of time, you can store DC power in onsite batteries. Alternatively, if you have opted to be on-grid, you can draw from the main grid in times of need. This is a practical alternative should you lack the space for multiple batteries to store your solar energy.

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