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When individuals think about solar they may think about individuals living off the grid far away from other people, or they may think about an elite group of individuals and organizations, who can afford to absorb high setup costs and maintenance. These ideas about solar turn out to be outdated and individuals find that solar has undergone numerous recent advancements that have decreased solar’s cost and increased its effectiveness. With solar solutions today it is possible for anyone to invest in affordable solar power, help fight climate change, and save money in the long term.

Solar is now more accessible than ever, with many metal roofing San Diego companies providing local solar power set up to anyone. With all the advantages of solar power for homes and businesses, there is now no reason not to choose to go Solar. Solar is the way to go.

There are numerous environmental, health, and economic benefits for individuals and businesses to choose to go solar. Solar is an easy way to make a large visible impact on yourself, your organization or your community. Solar is in the sweet spot of conferring economic and environmental benefits. With solar, you do not have to choose an either/or but instead can have a both/and.

Environmental and Health Benefits:

The Financial Benefits of Powering Your Home With Solar Energy

Solar power offsets and lowers the carbon footprint of individuals and communities. By decreasing the need to burn fossil fuels, solar is helping decrease air pollution, which leads to a decrease in childhood asthma and other health issues. This, in turn, helps decrease the health costs to individuals and to the community. Solar power also positively impacts both the local environment through better air quality and global climate by decreasing the impact of climate change.

Local Economic Benefits:

Solar power increases the value of your home or business. Solar power can help individuals and business owners increase their savings. Individuals and businesses that turn to solar are less affected by fluctuations in energy costs as well as the effects of global economic and energy factors. The long-term savings that individuals and businesses report allows them to be more agile moving forward, more able to take risks, and more able to take advantage of growth opportunities.

National Economic Benefits:

Solar power decreases U.S. dependence on foreign energy. In addition, solar power is forecasted to provide over $400 Billion in health and environmental benefits to the United States by 2050. These benefits include reduced water scarcity and better health outcomes in addition to. These outcomes create a more stable business environment which helps the whole community.

Next Steps For Solar/Cutting edge R&D:

Solar Solutions Today

The solar industry is not static and continually is finding new ways to increase the benefits found by solar. Gone are the days when if someone did not live in an area that got nearly constant sunlight, solar had very limited applications. Today no matter where you live there is a solar option that is right for you.

In terms of current research and development within the solar power industry, there is a focus on photovoltaics (PV), concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP), and systems integration with the goal of improving the affordability, performance, and value of solar technologies on the grid.

With so much research and development going on you can be sure that solar power is not going anywhere any time soon. Solar power is not a trend to watch, nor is it something coming in the future, instead solar is here and now and is not going anywhere. Not taking advantage of solar power options is a missed opportunity that will have a high cost moving into the future.

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