Signs Your Home Has A Bad Plumbing System

Signs Your Home Has A Bad Plumbing System

As a homeowner, you want your house as good as your plumbing. So, you invest in a home where everything works accurately, however, it is not always the case. If your house has bad plumbing, you want to know it first so you can do important repairs and make it work back to normal.

Let’s go over five signs that reveal the plumbing in your home is old and needs to be changed by a professional residential plumber.

Loud noises

Plumbing NoisesIf your plumbing system is doing odd, undesirable sounds, you might have bad plumbing. These noises might not certainly be damaging- at first. But, the longer you wait to take action, the higher the cost for emergency repairs in the future when something goes wrong.

Notably low water pressure

Another indication of bad plumbing is the low water pressure in your home. The running water should be between 45-60 psi-higher than that might damage the pipes of your plumbing system and could result in your running water not working accurately. Let the professional inspect the water pressure because you probably have clogged pipes.

Spots on your walls

Bad PlumbingIf there are unexplainable stains on your walls, you probably have bad plumbing. Stains on the wall are indications of pipes leaking within your walls, and this is a certain indication of bad plumbing. Contact your professional and reliable plumber to speak about the issue right away.


Feeling that your house has more leaks than other houses, you have a bad plumbing system set up at home. Investing in a good plumbing system will give you the benefits of energy-saving and less leakage.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen PipesIt is a big problem in the winter months when the outside temperature can damage your plumbing system. Frozen pipes easily burst, causing small leaks or flooding. The key to ensuring that all pipes in your plumbing system in the entire house must have adequate insulation.

In the winter, it is necessary to inspect your pipes religiously. It is also best to have preventative maintenance in the fall before the crazy winter begins.

Furthermore, adding insulation if needed can help prevent pipes from freezing. So, it can prevent major damages and extreme water leaks or floods to your house once everything melts in the spring.

Sinks Draining Slowly

When you see that your sink appears to drain super slow, it is a clear indication of a clog.

There are a lot of products that help loose or clear clogs, but the fastest and easiest way to remove the problem is to hire a professional plumber to ensure that the clog is not from another significant issue. When you hire an expert plumber, he can easily identify the issue before it causes a major plumbing problem.

Discolored water

If the water has discoloration, it is an indication of rusty pipes which means that your plumbing system is old and bad. Your trusted plumber will help you deal with this issue; the earlier you change your pipes, the safer you will be at home.

Green Patch Seen in the Backyard

A common sign of a sewer concern is a section of the backyard is much greener than the rest of the part around it. It is especially true if the green patch falls between the street and your house- it is the most common way for a city sewer line. Sewer drains that are leaking can create areas to sink in the yard as the additional water causes the dirt around them to pile up.

Whether caused by invasive tree roots or degrading materials, this plumbing problem can cause damage to the exterior part of your plumbing system. Take action quickly.

Skyrocketing Water Bills

A sudden spike in your water bills is more than just a pain in the neck and your wallet. It is also an indication that something has altered in your plumbing system. If you have not done anything to give justice to the spike of your water bills, you should start troubleshooting to see if you leak. The most common cause of the jump in water usage is a running toilet. Perhaps, you may want a plumbing pro to look at your system before the leaks become worse.

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