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Meditation: A Simple and Easy Habit for a Healthy Lifestyle

We all feel stressed, panicked, or helpless sometimes. Thankfully, many books, magazines, and blogs can teach us about healthy living, and how to practice mindfulness. One of the ways to reduce stress, and increase clarity and calmness is through meditation. Learning how to meditate is often straightforward and the benefits come quickly. However, the process of leading a healthy lifestyle can sometimes be easier said than done.

So, people tend to turn to religion, exercise, or anything else that keeps them engaged and helps them relax. Additionally, things like experiencing moments of greatness can often help their mental health, improving their overall well-being. Many tend to visit churches and participate in group gatherings to enlighten their minds and clear their paths. There are also many interactive programs in youth ministries that keep people engaged and help them share their experiences with peers. One of such programs is indoor games for youth groups, that encourage one-to-one games and interactions, another program is a curriculum for youth ministry which includes interactive content and organized programs to help people stay on top of their lessons.

Continue reading to find a few more ways to practice meditation as a simple and easy habit for a healthier life.

Strengthening your mind


Meditation helps you focus, boosts your mood, and even helps you make fewer mistakes. Make sure you set aside at least 10 minutes a day to meditate whether it’s before work, during lunch break, or when you get home. It’s a powerful tool to relax your body and mind, distress, centre and calm yourself, and become more in touch with your intuition.

It relaxes the body and boosts cognitive functions by reducing muscle tension and calming the nervous system. Note that many people turn to religion to help them calm their minds and focus their energy on what matters to them. Depending on their needs, they usually choose one saint of the day to help them focus and lead them in the right direction. Keep in mind that meditation also leads to greater work efficiency, which will allow you to accomplish tasks faster, leaving more time for leisure.

Give your immune system a boost

One of the primary ways to experience overall health is by maintaining a healthy immune system. Feeling healthy and vigorous, physically strong, mentally bright, and emotionally balanced attributes to improved immunity. Healthy food, exercise, and sleep can help our body and mind, but keeping calm is equally important because stress can make you sick. Note that not having an outlet to release stress can lead to an increase in bodily inflammation, leaving you vulnerable to common infections and diseases.

Stress strains the circulatory system, increases cortisol in the body, taxes the adrenal glands, and is often a primary cause of illness. People who practice yoga and meditation rarely get sick. The reason for this is that meditation improves immunity and quickens the process of healing. It is a proven technique to reduce stress in the body and mind. Learn how to meditate properly, and consider meditating twice a day for optimal results.

Feel less anxious and improve sleep

A study published in FASEB Journal found that a single 60-minute guided mediation session could reduce anxiety for up to an hour post-meditation. However, for some people, it may be difficult to steal even an hour away from their daily obligations. Try to organize your time better and find at least one hour during the week to meditate. Those practising mindfulness can easily shift from a negative to a positive emotional state no matter where they are.

Try to think about a time in your life when you felt grateful and incredibly safe. Find three such experiences and practice bringing them to mind when feeling anxious. Focus on those happy moments as you inhale, and then let go of any fear or anger as you exhale. This will also help you sleep better. The quality of sleep is an essential factor that contributes to overall health. Since some of the major causes of disturbed sleep are stress and anxiety, the best remedy would be to practice meditation. Your body and mind will relax and you’ll have a deeper and more restful sleep.

Get moving

A common misconception about living a healthy lifestyle is thinking that exercising for an hour at the gym is enough to counteract a sedentary day. In reality, frequent movement keeps the body and mind healthy. Especially important for those that work at a desk, is to set a movement alarm every hour. Note that even stretching for 5 minutes can make a difference in your energy levels and productivity. Those that meditate regularly are more happy and active during the day.

Exercise doesn’t always require a gym membership or even breaking a sweat. Going for a stroll around your neighbourhood or spending time in nature will do wonders for your mental as well as physical health. It can help reduce blood sugar levels, support your immune system, and improve your sleep, all while burning calories. Studies show that walking can help maintain healthy body weight and decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes. Try to walk at least 15 minutes four times a week to live a healthier and happier life.

Final thoughts

Practice relaxation techniques

If you don’t try making the right lifestyle changes and turning them into habits, you’ll never be able to get healthier long-term. Challenge your mind and push yourself to do and be better. Harness the power of meditation to set you on the right path to leading a healthier lifestyle.

This will not only help you have a healthier body and mind but also improve your social health. Remember, humans are social beings, so surrounding yourself with people who support healthy lifestyle choices, can help you maintain new behaviours easily.

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