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Best Reasons To Fix Your Chipped Tooth

Your teeth are important. At a basic level, they are essential for consuming food. You actually have different teeth in your mouth, the front ones are capable of tearing things apart while the rear ones will grind the food up in order to make it small enough to swallow. Looking after your teeth helps to ensure they last a lifetime and you can enjoy your food. But, that’s not all they do. A nice set of teeth encourage you to smile and this boosts your confidence. Having chipped or otherwise damaged teeth has the opposite effect. You’ll try hard to avoid situations where you need to smile. This can lead to reclusive behaviour and a lack of confidence. Anyone can experience a chipped tooth. It’s normally a result of biting on something hard. In most cases, you will already have had a small crack in the tooth but it hasn’t been noticed. While it is unlikely that the chipped section can be reattached, you’ll need to see your dentist as soon as possible.

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Further Damage

photo chipped tooth

If your tooth has chipped then it has been weakened by something. Once part of it has chipped the tooth is likely to be weaker and more vulnerable to further damage. If left it is likely to chip again, crack, or even disintegrate. Getting it checked tells you how bad the damage is.


However, the biggest issue with a chipped tooth is the possibility of infection. Teeth are covered with enamel. This hard substance protects the teeth. If acid erodes the enamel you’ll have a cavity. This allows bacteria to attack the inner dentin which is softer than enamel. It can then get to the pulp and nerves inside your tooth. At this stage, you’ll experience a lot of pain. Left untreated it can become an abscess and this can cause the tooth to fall out as well as damage the surrounding jaw bone.

If your tooth is chipped then the centre section is already exposed, speeding up the above process. In short, the bacteria can probably attack your pulp instantly.

Dealing With A Chipped Tooth

Your dentist will ensure it is clean and, if necessary, place a temporary cover over the chipped tooth. If the infection has already started then the root area will be cleaned and you’ll be given antibiotics.

To repair the tooth your dentist will either fabricate a section of the tooth to replace the damaged part. This will be made from a composite resin that is very strong and can match your tooth colour.

Should the chip damage be large then your dentist may choose to add a crown to your teeth or they may create a bridge that uses the surrounding teeth to strengthen the damaged section.

The result is your perfect smile returns! Of course, you’ll need to continue to look after your teeth and see your dentist regularly.

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