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5 Careers that will be extinct in the next 5 years.

What kind of jobs will disappear in the future? The world is currently facing some major changes, which means that new industries are gaining popularity at the expense of old ones. Some professions are already obsolete due to technological advances or the advent of other industries. Take a look at these 5 careers that will be extinct in the next five years.

News Reporter:

   News Reporter

A profession I don’t want to talk about… but if you read enough news stories and reports, it’s easy to become desensitized. It seems like every day there’s a new story about natural disasters or man-made incidents with casualties and damage in them. So basically anyone can take up this career choice. But things won’t be quite the same in 2026 when even more people get their information from electronic sources instead of newspapers.

Bank Tellers.

In the banking industry and australian casino online, there have been huge financial shifts over just the last couple of decades. As computers became prevalent throughout society, many of the job functions of tellers – such as verification of deposits and withdrawals – are no longer needed. On top of that, advances in computing technology now allow for ATMs that do not require human intervention .



Although they don’t have as many books as libraries in the past, eBooks are still increasing in popularity. With all the technology available today, people aren’t interested in reading as much for pleasure. They just want something faster and simpler. This makes librarians redundant. Google has made internet searching easier than ever before, therefore reducing the need to visit libraries as often as possible.

Postal service clerks.

5 Careers that will be extinct

No matter how fast mail delivery becomes, there will always be a place for humans! At least until a machine can send and receive packages as well as deliver letters. One thing is certain: The postal service is no longer safe for those who work there. A lot of their duties involve carrying around heavy boxes, and those machines don’t exactly lighten their load.

In conclusion, it looks like there might be some jobs out there that will disappear within the coming decade. However, the remaining ones haven’t lost their competitive edge. However, we are pretty sure that online casinos for real money will be thriving in the next 5 years .



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