How To Enhance the benefits of Solo Travel

Solo travel can be daunting, whether it’s a quick weekend trip or a long vacation, and especially so if you’ve never travelled alone before. There are many benefits to taking a solo trip and many ways you can enhance your experience, too.

7 Benefits of Solo Travel
  1. You have the freedom to do what you want without thinking about someone else’s needs
  2. It’s the prime opportunity to get to know yourself a little more
  3. You can push yourself out of your comfort zone
  4. It can be a great escape
  5. You have the opportunity to meet others
  6. It’s easier to take a spontaneous trip
  7. It can be more cost-effective if you’re solely in control of how you’re spending your time and what you’re spending your money on
How to Enhance a Solo Trip


Here are some ideas about how you can make the best out of a solo trip.

Book a Group Experience

Looking for events that require a group of attendees can be great for solo travelers, as it means you’ll still be around other people when you’re taking part in something you really want to do. It also means that you have the opportunity to talk to other travelers, and you may even meet other solo travelers you can converse with. This is a good option if there is something specific you’d like to do but would prefer to do it in a group.

Find a New Companion

Taking a solo trip doesn’t mean that you have to spend it completely alone. If you find that you’d like company for one evening, or if there’s a particular event you’d like to attend with a companion, then looking into an escort service like can mean you’re able to spend quality time with a new friend during your trip, especially if you’re feeling lonely or out of place in a new location.

Try a Shared Hostel Room

This can depend entirely on your preferences, but if your aim with your solo trip is to speak with people and meet other people from all over the world, a shared hostel room is one way to do that. This will put you into the thick of it when it comes to meeting new people, but also it’s extremely cost-effective for the frugal solo traveller.

Or, Take Out a Private Suite

If a little luxury is more your style, a solo trip is the perfect opportunity is to rest, relax and take some time out for yourself. You may want a private room or suite that allows you to take a bath, order room service, or even book a few wellbeing treatments. Make the most of your solo trip by reconnecting with yourself and indulging in some self-care.

Do something You’ve Always Wanted to Do

Solo Travel

A solo trip is a perfect opportunity to cross something off your bucket list and apologetically take part in something without worrying about what other people think. You don’t have to wait for friends or family to say yes to something you’ve always wanted to do when you can arrange it for yourself without waiting around for others.

Most importantly: have fun!

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