How To Apply for An Irish Passport

Acquiring an Irish passport provides you with many opportunities. Aside from the fact that the passport itself is a legal document to confirm your identity, you also get to experience the privilege of being an Irish passport holder. For instance, you are granted permission to travel abroad since the Irish passport is a recognized international document by 27 countries in the European Union.

If you wish to apply for an Irish passport, the first thing that you need to do is to have accomplished Irish citizenship. In cases where you are not a recognized Irish citizen yet, you can get help from the Immigration Advice of Service. Their personnel assists those who want to know about the citizenship application Ireland requirements and the Irish Passport.

The first step to successfully applying for a passport is to ensure the completeness of your requirements. Here’s what you need:

#1: Irish passport application methods

There are various ways to apply for your passport.

The first one is to apply through the online system. Using the Passport Online Service, you will be given an application form to put your details. Your digital photograph and a credit card are also needed to proceed with the application. For a faster and cheaper way to apply for your passport, it’s recommended to utilize this method.

Second, you may send your application form using Passport Express. This method is the only one permitted to operate in Ireland, which means it’s safe for applicants. However, if you use ordinary or registered posts to submit your application, the authoritative body will not entertain your application. Therefore, it’s best to use Passport Express as an alternative to the online system.

Third, you can personally apply through the post office, but this method is not recommended. You may also attend a meeting in the Consulate of Ireland or book an appointment at the Passport Office. The counter services in charge of this method usually tend to urgent matters like renewals and lost passports. So, this is not suitable for first-time applicants. In addition, it’s also way more expensive compared to online and post office applications.

If you wish to check and track your application, the Irish passport tracker will tell the status of your application accurately. However, the estimated issue date shown by the tracker is subject to change. To avoid inconvenience, it’s not advisable to book a trip until you have your valid passport with you.

#2: Requirements to apply for an Irish passport

irish passport

Here are the documents you need to submit:

● Full civil birth certificate
● Marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate (in cases where you have changed your surname)
● Proof of address
● Proof of name
● Copy of your Public Services Card or original copy of government-issued photo identification document

Residents of Northern Ireland must supply either an original passport, national ID card, social security card, or certified copy of the driving license.

These documents must prove your identity and should support your age and your address. It’s crucial to ensure that the necessary information is readable and accurate. Otherwise, your application might get rejected.

If you are using the Passport Service, only the original documents are to be submitted. Failure in doing so may lead to your application getting rejected.

In some cases, you may be asked to submit supplemental documents depending on your conditions. Here’s what you need to know:

● Applicants born abroad to a parent born in Ireland or Northern Ireland must provide their parent’s birth certificate and civil marriage certificate.
● Irish citizens, through naturalization, must provide an original naturalization certificate. If possible, your original foreign passport would be requested for submission as well.
● Irish citizens by the foreign birth register must provide a birth registration certificate and foreign passport.

Applicants who gained Irish citizenship through adoption must provide the following documents depending on the situation:
● Certificate of Entry in the Register of Intercountry Adoptions
● Adoptive parents’ birth certificate or Irish passport
● Marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate
● Adoption certificate

If you gained Irish citizenship through post-nuptial citizenship, you must submit your post-nuptial certificate.

#3: Passport application fees

Irish passport applications vary in cost. The standard passport has a 10-year validity with 34 pages. Here are the fees you need to pay:

● €75 (+ €5 postage if you live outside Ireland) if you intend to process your application online
● €80 (+€9.50 postage fee) if you wish to process your application via Passport Express; and
● €95 if your application is assessed in person


Getting your Irish passport application approved is convenient if you know what documents to submit and where to submit them. The information above can help you get through the process without spending too much time or money. Just remember the important documents to bring and choose your preferred application method.

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