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Cate & Levi hand puppetA hand puppet is a classic toy. Hand puppets have been used since the 5th century BC in Ancient Greece. Many of the best television characters we can recall aren’t actors; they are puppets. There are numerous puppets in puppetry history who have become international icons, like Howdy Doody, Lampchop, King Friday XIII, and Sara Saturday. The most popular puppet of all time was Kermit the frog, who appeared on television for the first time in 1955, in Sam and Friends on WRC-TV.

The educational benefits of puppets are numerous. When your child plays with puppets, they develop their speaking and listening skills. Puppets are used to improve children’s language skills. Puppets can help your child become more social if they are shy. It is also possible for puppets to teach children about their emotions by allowing them to feel sad or happy. A hand puppet makes story time more engaging for children. In addition, they encourage imagination and make excellent travel companions.

Cate & Levi hand puppet

Toronto-based Cate & Levi is dedicated to creating colourful and quality hand puppets for children. Cate & Levi was created by Josh Title (owner), a Dad who saw a lack of unique, responsibly made, and beautifully designed products for children. Cate & Levi Hand Puppets are handmade from second-hand wool sweaters. In order to ensure that the wool is clean and ready for re-use, the sweaters are sourced locally and sent to an eco-cleaner to be washed in hot water. Each hand puppet made by Cate & Levi is so finely detailed that it is destined to become a family heirloom. No two puppets are identical, as each puppet has a unique colour combination.

Our unicorn hand puppet is well-made, unique, and full of personality. She fits over my daughter’s hand perfectly and is easy to manipulate with movements. The consideration to detail on the hand puppet is extraordinary, and the sewing is faultless. The unicorn hand  puppet is comfortable and engaging; she’s become a fun addition to our family’s play time.

Each Hand Puppet from Cate & Levi retails for $25.00, and you can choose from many animals. They would make a perfect gift. Why not pair one with a book to match your selected puppet for the ultimate educational gift.

Visit to see their selection of hand puppets.

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