How Dog Ownership Supports a Child’s Development

How Dog Ownership Supports a Child’s Development

Welcoming a pet into the family home is a big decision. While you might have much love to give, owning a dog comes with much responsibility, as they will require a substantial amount of your time, effort, and affection. However, before you rule out bringing home a pet pooch, you must consider its many benefits. Find out how dog ownership can support your child’s development.

Improved Physical Activity

How Dog Ownership Supports a Child’s Development

In today’s modern world, it is hard to encourage children out of their bedrooms. If your kids often spend much of their time playing video games, scrolling through social media, or watching TV, a pet could help them get their body moving and heart pumping. Set ground rules for dog ownership before welcoming a canine into the family, such as daily walks, playtime, and feeding.

Teach Responsibility

How Dog Ownership Supports a Child’s Development

As your kids will need to feed and water a pooch and walk them daily, the tasks can teach them responsibility. There are various chores even young children can perform, such as filling a dog’s bowl with dry food or brushing its coat. Make pet care a normal part of their daily chores in the home.

Encourage a Nurturing Nature

How Dog Ownership Supports a Child’s Development

Every parent wants to raise loving children, which can help them become caring, responsible, and happy adults. Dog ownership can teach your kids to care for someone else and help them develop a nurturing nature, which can serve them well in relationships and parenthood.

Highlight the Importance of Good Health

dog vet

Owning a dog can teach your child the importance of good health. For this reason, you must take them along to regular veterinary exams, vaccines, and flea and tick prevention treatments from the likes of It can help them understand the importance of maintaining a healthy, happy body from a young age.

A Lower Risk of Allergies

How Dog Ownership Supports a Child’s Development

A pet pooch cannot only highlight the importance of caring for your health throughout the years, but they can help you raise healthier children. According to a Medical College of Georgia study, multiple pet ownership can lower a child’s risk of allergies.
The study found 33.6% of the children who weren’t exposed to pets as infants tested positive for common allergies. While those who had more than one pet as a baby had half the chance of developing allergies and asthma.

Emotional Supportpet support

emotional pet support.

Many children will experience moments of sadness or anxiety. As they might be afraid to talk to an adult or cannot articulate their emotions, they might gravitate to their pet for emotional support.

A dog cannot only provide your son or daughter with a sense of comfort, but you might notice they spend more time with their pet when they feel upset or anxious, which can help you monitor their behavior.

Also, emotional support may help your son or daughter avoid a mental health issue. For example, a study by Bassett Medical Center in New York discovered 12% of kids with a pet dog tested positive for clinical anxiety, compared to 21% of children without a pooch.


How Dog Ownership Supports a Child’s Development

There are various factors you must consider when welcoming a dog into the home, such as the financial cost, a breed’s requirements, and the level of attention they will need. However, dog ownership can provide many benefits, especially to young children, from teaching responsibility to providing emotional support.

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  1. We have always had dogs growing up and when the kids were young. We bought a pup five years ago and she keeps us young.

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