Health During Pregnancy

pregnant womanWhen you find out you are pregnant with your first child, you are filled with so many emotions. You are so happy about the miracle that is to happen and the wonderful joy of life you get to experience. You may also be worried or concerned because you are now responsible for the life of another living being. The health and wellness of your baby is a top priority. During pregnancy, your way to achieve this is partially due to keeping yourself healthy and safe for the growing baby inside of you. You are providing the baby with what it needs to grow. So it isn’t rocket science to understand that the healthier decisions you make help with the health of the baby.  Everything from what you eat to what products you use, and even what is in your home can affect you and the baby. Obviously, there are other factors that can affect you and your baby that you have no control over. Let’s look at staying healthy during pregnancy.



pregnant woman

Everything that is put in your mouth is shared with your unborn child. It is important to think twice when eating because you are sharing with them and building a human being. You may not be a believer in organic food purchases but now is the time to change your stance. When pregnant it is imperative to give your baby the most quality food and avoid chemicals at all costs and make the best choices. The food you consume and purchase should come from a reliable source and give the vitamins and nutrients your child needs. There are products that are proven to be helpful during pregnancy.

There are many foods that pregnant women are asked to avoid. Things such as lunch meat, unpasteurized cheeses, raw seafood, and shellfish.

Another element that is important during pregnancy is vitamins. It is important to take the proper prenatal vitamins to ensure that your baby is getting the right nutrition regardless of your eating habits.



The way you think and the energy you put out affects your baby. Positive vibes can pass along to them. Things like prenatal yoga and meditation are very popular for this reason. Some say listening to music can be good for the baby as well. Have your partner bring out his guitar and put on that acoustic guitar strap to play you and your future little one some tunes.


Beauty Products

Everyone needs to know that there are a lot of chemicals in our toiletry and beauty products. It is so bad that the US allows the use of certain chemicals that are banned in other countries. Do you want to use that on your body, and most importantly do you want your baby to be exposed to that as well? Everything from lotions, face wash, toothpaste, body wash, and makeup can be found in safe/non-toxic formulas to allow everyone to be safe. It is best to read up on the issue to see what ingredients you are against. There are also apps available to look up how “clean” the products you use are.

Cleaning Products

Just like your food and toiletry products, cleaning products around your home often contain harmful chemicals. It is best to choose the products at the store that say they are chemical-free or free from dyes and fragrances. All of those things can seep into your system and affect the baby. Do you see the pattern here, clean and free of toxins!



Health During Pregnancy

Exercise and keeping your body at a healthy weight is extremely important during pregnancy. At the beginning of your pregnancy, your doctor will tell you what a healthy weight gain for you is and it is important that you follow it. A lot of people think pregnancy is the time to eat what they want but that just isn’t true, consuming dead-end calories can be harmful. Too much weight can put stress on the mom and in turn stress on the baby. Later in pregnancy, it is hard to stay active so a lot of people turn to yoga or walking that is less high pace. There are certain circumstances that may cause a mom to gain more weight, such as gestational diabetes or twin pregnancy. Even then there are still ways to be healthy and exercise.


Overall, your health as a pregnant woman is very important to you and our baby. It is best to read up and research all of the ways you can do your part.

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