Who Pays for Medical Bills During a Surrogacy?

According to the experts of the surrogacy agency World Center of Baby, surrogacy is one of the most common methods of assisted reproductive technologies. It is defined as the process of implantation, pregnancy, and childbirth of a surrogate mother when a child is conceived using the genetic material of a client, donor, or surrogate mother, based on a surrogacy agreement between the surrogate mother and potential parents, or free of charge.

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Surrogacy as a method of reproductive medicine is quite new and has its own legal features depending on the regime chosen by the state. However, the question of who pays the medical bills during surrogacy is quite definite, so below we will tell you more about this.

Basic Conditions and Payment for Surrogacy


The overall budget of a surrogacy program depends on many factors, including not only the specifics of the pregnancy but also the requirements of the candidate.

Not in all countries of the world, the commercial format of surrogacy is allowed by the law. In many states, only a non-commercial format is allowed, that is, the provision of services for altruistic motives. Paid programs are allowed in several US states, Thailand, Ireland, Georgia, India, Russia, Ukraine (in particular, Kiev), etc. The rate for surrogacy varies in different countries. However, the amount fully covers the cost of food, housing, travel to the clinic selected by the agency, medical bills, etc.

Even in the case of non-commercial surrogacy solutions, the couple pays for in vitro fertilization, gynecological pregnancy, medication, and childbirth. This amount can vary considerably and depends on the specific prices of the reproductive center and the clinic where childbirth or cesarean section occurs.

Cooperation with the Reliable Agency World Center of Baby

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It is better to clarify the final price of a program at the center through which you plan to cooperate. The surrogacy agency World Center of Baby is considered one of the best today. It provides perfect and reliable surrogacy services.

It is worth noting that the services of a surrogate mother are paid separately from the agency’s work. The first part of the money is transferred to the surrogate mother immediately after the embryo transfer, or on the day of receiving the results of tests confirming pregnancy.

The woman receives the last part of the fee after signing the consent to transfer the child to the biological parents. The amount for small expenses is transferred monthly. The couple is provided with all checks related to the payment of the medical center, medication, and childbirth.

So, as practice shows, a couple, who want a surrogate mother to bear and give birth to their child, usually pays for the medical bills during a surrogacy. If you still have unresolved questions about surrogacy (for example, whether a gay can cooperate with the agency; what is the procedure for surrogacy; what is needed in order to become a surrogate mother; when the gestational age of the fetus is determined, etc.) – visit the forum of the World Center of Baby and get relevant answers.

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  1. Surrogacy is a collaborative reproductive arrangement where a woman carries and delivers a child for another individual or couple. The process typically involves in vitro fertilization (IVF), where an embryo is created using the intended parents’ or donors’ genetic material and then transferred to the surrogate’s uterus.

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