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The Secret to Success of Parmigiani Fleurier Watches

When people talk about luxury watches, the common brands that you will hear are Rolex, Bvlgari, Cartier, and other prominent and well-marketed names. While these brands have truly established their prowess in watchmaking, there are new brands that also create quality watches with pristine engineering. One of which is Parmigiani Fleurier.

A pretty new luxury watch brand, compared to century-old companies, Parmigiani Fleurier has produced high-end Swiss timepieces known worldwide because of their advanced innovation and creative excellence. This house that started as a restoration company debuted as a full-blown watch manufacturer in 1996. In this article, we will get to know this watch further and we’ll give you some reasons to consider buying it.

Parmigiani Fleurier watchesFrom restoration to manufacturing

The humble beginning of Parmigiani Fleurier Watches can be traced back in the 1970s. The store that is now known as one of the most creative-driven watch manufacturers started as a watch restoration shop.

In 1976, skilled timepiece restorer Michel Parmigiani courageously opened his own traditional watch workshop. It was when there was a crisis in the quartz industry in Couvet. To make ends meet, Parmigiani restored antique pieces during daytime and used his spare time working on horological pieces. Since then, he has built a reputation as an excellent watchmaker and restorer for prominent brands in 1978, such as Musée Patek Philippe and the Château des Monts.

It was Parmigiani’s stint with the Sandoz Family Foundation in 1980 that led him to create his own watch brand. He worked in the said foundation as an entrusted maintenance person for all their priceless collections of automata and clocks. However, it was only in 1996 when the Parmigiani Fleurier brand was launched.

Parmigiani Fleurier Watches aim to create innovative timepieces and use the excellent craftsmanship that Michel Parmigiani started. Its goal is to produce unique and original watches that reflect the founder’s caliber.

Swift success and creative collaborations

Through the years, this luxury watch brand has launched different collections such as the Toric QP Retrograde. The brand instantly became a hit to many watch aficionados, which led them to open their own watchmaking center dubbed as the luxury Haute Horlogerie.

The company has reached rapid success since then. It started with its merger with the Sandoz Family Foundation, which became the brand’s supplier for high-end watch cases. This continues with more collaborations with other watch manufacturers and fashion experts such as Atokalpa, Elwin, Bugatti, Hermes, Montreux Jazz Festival, and more.

Excellent craftsmanship

Since Michel Parmigiani opted to have industrial independence for his company, he had the freedom to work more creatively. Through this, he could create versatile and innovative watch designs for his entire collection. He made sure that every timepiece labelled as Parmigiani Fleurier will ensemble a work of art, more than anything else.

His excellent craftsmanship starts with the meticulous decorations on each dial. It is then paired with the most complex designs of cases. This combination makes Parmigiani Fleurier stand out despite it being a new player in the industry. These watches also use a regulating organ and balanced spring in its mechanism to make sure of its precision.

To make sure of its quality, the company has over 50 professional and skilled watchmakers in their manufacturing centers. These people are trained to deliver the same expertise and craftsmanship that Parmigiani started.

Parmigiani Fleurier watchesProdigious range of dials

The dials play a big role in the overall aesthetic of the watch. Basically, it is its face that most people see. Because of this, Parmigiani Fleurier creates an outstanding dial for their collection. Together with the expertise of Quadrance & Habillage, this watch brand created a wide range of dials using traditional skills in watchmaking.

Each watch dial undergoes a series of processes to ensure its quality. First, the base will be manufactured using high-end machinery and will then undergo different surface treatments to ensure its aesthetic appeal. After which, they will add decorative elements such as colors, gems, and stones.

High-end case manufacturing

Parmigiani Fleurier Watches collaborate with Les Artisans Boîtiers to create cutting-edge watch cases. Using complex processes, the company makes sure to create quality cases using prime materials that will not compromise the watch’s features, including its water resistance and physical appeal. The manufacturer uses numerically controlled machines to make sure of its quality.

This theory may seem impossible to achieve for many new watchmakers. However, the collaboration of an expert in traditional tools such as Les Artisans Boîtiers plus the excellent craftsmanship of Michel Parmigiani, the theory can become a reality. It is proven with the quality and durability of Parmigiani Fleurier’s watch cases.

Micromechanical components

A great luxury watch can only be perfected when you use high-grade components. That is why Parmigiani Fleurier Watches consulted Elwin and Atokalpa, manufacturers of complex components such as pins, gears, wheels, barrel arbor, winding stem, balance staff, and more. With the help of these two companies, Parmigiani Fleurier can create more intricately designed timepieces.

There are only watchmakers around the world who can produce a regulating organ, and Atokalpa is one of them. Elwin, on the other hand, is well-known for manufacturing the bar turning machines used in creating watches. It is with the help of these companies that the company could meet the caliber that they are aiming for. With their combination, Parmigiani Fleurier Watches are sure to deliver a rare level of watch precision.

Parmigiani Fleurier watchesWhere to buy Parmigiani Fleurier watches?

Because of its high-end materials and excellent craftsmanship, you may think that it’s hard to look for Parmigiani Fleurier Watches. Contrary to that, there are actually a lot of authorized watch dealers worldwide where you can purchase these timepieces. One of which is Parmigiani Fleurier is one of the many brands that this online watch store carries.

For a more convenient shopping experience, visit their website today and buy a classic, creative, and high-quality luxury watch — a timeless piece that you can also pass on to many generations. You’ll surely find a watch best-suited for your style and needs there.

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